ESET LiveGrid® telemetry shows a spike in detections of the JS/Danger.ScriptAttachment malware in several European countries. The most notable detection rates are seen in Luxembourg (67%), Czech Republic (60%), Austria (57%), Netherlands (54%) and the UK (51%), but also in other European states.

After arriving as an email attachment, the threat behind these detections is designed to download and install different variants of malware to victims’ machines.

If the user falls for the scam, JS/Danger.ScriptAttachment tries to download other malicious code, the majority of which consists of various crypto-ransomware families such as Locky. A detailed description of how Locky operates is available in a separate analysis.

JS/Danger.ScriptAttachment has the same intentions as the Nemucod downloader, which hit the internet globally in several waves. ESET warned the public of the threat in late December, 2015, and again in March, 2016.

ESET considers ransomware one of the most dangerous cyberthreats at present, a fact that seems unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Therefore, we recommend both private and corporate internet users keep their computers and software up to date, use reliable security software and regularly backup their valuable data.

Prevalence of the JS/Danger.Script.Attachment downloader in Europe


The detection ratios span from 67% (Luxembourg) to under 1% (Belarus, Ukraine)

Prevalence levels:

  • Luxembourg: 67%
  • Austria: 57%
  • Netherlands: 54%
  • Germany: 48%
  • Denmark: 48%
  • Sweden: 46%
  • Belgium: 45 %
  • Spain: 42%
  • Finland: 42%
  • Norway: 40%
  • France: 36%
  • Portugal: 30%
  • Poland: 26%

Malware prevalence levels in Europe

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 16.19.45

The scale spans from 11.3% (Luxembourg) to 3.2% (Finland)