Android ransomware in 2017: Innovative infiltration and rougher extortion

Ransomware in 2017 saw users and businesses across the globe trying to cope with campaigns such as Petya and WannaCryptor. Not to be outdone, Android ransomware had a year full of innovative infiltration and rougher extortion as highlighted by the latest ESET research whitepaper.

FriedEx: BitPaymer ransomware the work of Dridex authors

ESET research has found that the ransomware FriedEx, also known as BitPaymer, is actually the work of the notorious gang responsible for the Dridex banking trojan.

Bad Rabbit: Not-Petya is back with improved ransomware

A new ransomware outbreak today has hit some major infrastructure in Ukraine including Kiev metro. Here are some details about this new variant of Petya.

Kiev metro hit with a new variant of the infamous Diskcoder ransomware

Public sources have confirmed that computer systems in the Kiev Metro, Odessa naval port, Odessa airport, Ukrainian ministries of infrastructure and finance, and also a number of organizations in Russia are among the affected organizations.

Social engineering and ransomware

Social engineering may play a vital part in persuading a victim to open a malicious executable or website, says ESET’s David Harley on social engineering and ransomware.

Analysis of TeleBots’ cunning backdoor

This article reveals details about the initial infection vector that was used during the DiskCoder.C outbreak.

TeleBots are back: Supply-chain attacks against Ukraine

This blogpost reveals many details about the Diskcoder.C (aka ExPetr or NotPetya) outbreak and related information about previously unpublished attacks.

New WannaCryptor-like ransomware attack hits globally: All you need to know

Numerous reports are coming out on social media about a new ransomware attack in Ukraine, which could be related to the Petya family.

ESET releases decryptor for AESNI ransomware variants, including XData

ESET has released a decryptor for AESNI ransomware variants, including XData. Victims who still have encrypted files can now download it from ESET’s utilities page.

XData ransomware making rounds amid global WannaCryptor scare

A week after the global outbreak of WannaCryptor, also known as WannaCry, another ransomware, known as XData, has been making rounds.

Keys for Crysis released, as decryption efforts of WannaCryptor files continue

ESET have prepared a new Crysis decrypting tool. Victims who still have their encrypted files can now download the decryptor from its utilities page.

Are you protected against WannaCryptor and other forms of ransomware?

Technology evangelist Marc Saltzman asks: Are you protected against WannaCryptor, aka WannaCry, and other forms of ransomware?

WannaCryptor: Are governments and financial regulators to blame?

Are governments and financial regulators to blame for WannaCryptor, aka WannaCry, asks Tony Anscombe in this insightful feature.

WannaCryptor wasn’t the first to use EternalBlue: Miners misused it days after Shadow Brokers leak

The massive campaign that spread the WannaCry ransomware wasn’t the only large-scale infection misusing the EternalBlue and DoublePulsar exploits.

EternalBlue: Is your PC patched against the WannaCryptor worm vulnerability?

In this post, ESET’s Cassius Puodzius addresses what we can learn from the WannaCryptor ransomware attack, and what we can expect.

WannaCryptor aka WannaCry: Key questions answered

WannaCryptor, aka WannaCry, is one of the biggest cybersecurity stories of 2017. We’ve put together this Q&A, bringing together some of the key points.

Jackware hits the big screen in #Fast8: Fate of the Furious

ESET’s Stephen Cobb examines how close we are to the kind of jackware technology shown in the latest Fast and Furious film franchise, Fate of the Furious.

Healthcare challenges: Ransomware and the Internet of Things are the tip of the iceberg

ESET’s Lysa Myers discusses the challenges facing healthcare technology, medical and fitness devices and highlights the need to secure medical devices

Talking Android ransomware extorts victims

Talking Android ransomware sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. It’s not – it’s very real, explains ESET’s Lukas Stefanko.

New crypto-ransomware hits macOS

This last month we have seen a new ransomware for Mac. Written in Swift, it is distributed on BitTorrent distribution site as “Patcher” for pirating popular software.

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