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Ondrej Kubovič
Security Evangelist
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Education: Bc. in Journalism, Master's Degree in Political Science

Highlights of your career: Working for Slovak media for seven years, focusing on IT security, homeland security and defense matters. Managing media department at Bratislava-based security conferenceGLOBSEC.

Position and history at ESET: Joined ESET as a Security Specialist in September 2015. Fresh, new and eager to work.

What malware do you hate the most? The one my family downloads and I have to remove.

Favorite activities: Freeride snowboarding, meeting new people, reading and, as boring as it sounds, traveling.

Golden rule for cyberspace? Backup, update and never go on a clicking spree.

When did you get your first computer and what kind was it? I think it was in 1994 – 286 with MS-DOS preinstalled. There was no monitor available, so we could only use it when nobody was watching the TV.

Favorite computer game / activity: Classics such as Counter-Strike or the Call of Duty series. But what I do most on my computer is browse the web looking for interesting stuff.

16 years of Mac OS X: Secure but not invincible to malware

Mac OS X is still secure 16 years after its creation, but increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. No operating system is 100% malware-proof.

Trends in Android ransomware

2016 saw interesting developments within the Android ransomware scene. Ransomware emerged as one of the most pressing cybersecurity issues on the mobile platform.

Worrying about data privacy isn’t enough: Here’s how to own your online presence

As Data Privacy Day is upon us, we thought it apt to put together some top tips on how to manage and secure your online information.

Ray-Bans out, Uggs in: Holiday season scam plagues social media

A new holiday season scam campaign is plaguing social media – and this time it’s pretending to sell heavily discounted Uggs, reports ESET’s Ondrej Kubovič.

Indirect damage: Why service providers should care about customer security

2016 witnessed the further spread of the disease we call ransomware. However, it’s not the only cyberthreat that service providers must face today.

Android ransomware spreads further, with new methods in its toolbox

ESET lifts the lid on Android ransomware – the picture doesn’t look good. It’s on the increase and extremely sophisticated.

Historic Black Friday online safety advice

If you are getting ready to hunt for online deals this Black Friday, here are a few tips that will help you keep attackers away from your hard earned money.

Trick or threat? How zombie IoT devices surprised the internet

It seems the current DDoS tactics from cybercriminals is to gain control over millions of IoT devices and direct their power towards any target they choose.

Know your enemy: Training can help avoid cybersecurity pitfalls

European Cyber Security Month offers a great opportunity to remind people of some of the practices that can boost their cybersecurity skills.

Online safety tips for social media and IM fans

Since October is European Cyber Security Month, it is a good time to recap on social media and IM security. These online safety tips will do you well.

How to handle multiple devices and passwords at once

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of devices and passwords you have to manage and remember? Here are four top tips how to help handle this tech overload.

Do you know how to steer away from online banking trouble?

As European Cyber Security Month gets underway, ESET’s Ondrej Kubovič offers some top tips when it comes to safe and secure online banking.

8 years of Android: malware, malicious apps, and how to stay safe

At eight years old, Android is hugely popular. Both with users and attackers.

Internet of targets: Webcams and routers in the crosshairs of bad guys

Video rules the internet today and webcams are built into practically every new laptop, smartphone and tablet. It’s important to keep them secure.

18 years of Googling: Malware can still be just one click away

18 years of Googling is certainly something to behold, but on this anniversary, ESET’s Ondrej Kubovič is keen to highlight the cybersecurity threat.

Do your kids know good password hygiene? Here are some rules

If you happy to be a parent that is less than cyber-savvy, worry not, WeLiveSecurity is on hand. It’s all about good password hygiene.

Nemucod serves nasty package: Ransomware and ad-clickers

The operators of the notorious trojan downloader Nemucod seem to have stepped up their game, serving their victims with ransomware and ad-clickers.

Nemucod is back and serving an ad-clicking backdoor instead of ransomware

The trojan downloader Nemucod is back with a new campaign. However, it has changed the payload served to its victims – ransomware is not its go-to malware.

Afraid someone is misusing your webcam?

If you want to know which programs are actively using your webcam, here is a short guide from ESET’s Ondrej Kubovič to help you out.

2016 Rio Olympic Games: The safe way to obtain tickets online

Don’t get fooled by criminals before the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, says ESET’s Ondrej Kubovič. These sporting events are a prime target for fraudsters.

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