Android users to receive notifications when new devices added to account

Android users will receive push notifications on their smartphones, alerting them to new devices being added to their accounts, Google has announced.

It said that this feature is a key component of security, complementing other features like two-step verification and single sign-on.

In particular, all of these features ensure that Android users are safe and secure across multiple devices, which tends to be the norm these days.

“If the activity looks suspicious, the user can choose to ‘Review Account Activity,’” Google explained.

“[They can] find out what device was added, from what location, and other important information. If the activity is expected, the user can dismiss it as any other notification.”

The benefits of this, the tech giant explained, are many. Most of all, it is the real-time updates that make this new development especially useful.

As Google noted, not only does it provide Android users with transparency, it also allows them to quickly “flag any suspicious activity”.

As with most tech organizations, Google is committed to continuously improving its security to keep its users safe from cyberthreats.

One area it is looking into is passwords. Last year it revealed that it is testing a new login system that aims to make passwords obsolete.

“We’ve invited a small group of users to help test a new way to sign-in to their Google accounts, no password required,” it stated at the time.

“‘Pizza’, ‘password’ and ‘123456’—your days are numbered.”

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