Should I stay or should I go … to Windows 10?

It has been almost half a year since Microsoft released Windows 10, and the decision whether or not to migrate computers to this latest release of Microsoft’s flagship operating system is going to be on the minds of administrators for 2016.

The shift from releasing a new version of Windows on the desktop every two to three years to ‘Windows as a Service’ (WaaS) means that Windows 10 will be delivered in continuous releases with branches acting as ‘stepping stones’ to new builds. This model has some security benefits to it, but also potential drawbacks.

I recently presented a webinar titled Windows 10 is here – Are you ready to migrate? on ESET’s BrightTALK channel, looking into not just how Windows 10’s new model of editions, builds and branches work, but also some of the most interesting security features. I also looked at some of the privacy issues surrounding this new version of Windows.

Please note that a free registration is required to view this presentation, as well as others my fellow researchers and I have recorded on a range of security topics. If you’re not up for that, or don’t have an hour to spare, you can download the slide deck from the White Papers section of We Live Security.

I hope you find this webinar helpful. Feel free to leave a message below if you have any questions or comments about the webinar.

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Author Aryeh Goretsky, ESET

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