Will Windows 10 leave enterprises vulnerable to zero-days?

While Microsoft has shared an unprecedented amount of information about Windows 10, most details about its security mechanisms remain under wraps. Still, one thing Microsoft has been very public about is Windows 10’s new strategy of releasing patches to update the operating system at different times for consumer and enterprise versions.

In an article for Virus Bulletin titled Paper: Windows 10 patching process may leave enterprises vulnerable to zero-day attacks I look at some of the potential risks this split-patching process may lead to, as well offer some recommendations for mitigation.

You can view the full paper as well as download a PDF copy from Virus Bulletin’s web site. Virus Bulletin has also graciously allowed us to offer the paper on We Live Security.

If you are helping to test Microsoft Windows 10 by using the Technical Preview builds, what do you think of its security features so far? Let us know in your comments, below!

Author Aryeh Goretsky, ESET

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