Obama increases spending to defend U.S. computer networks from cyber attacks

President Barack Obama proposed to increase Defense Department spending on cyber security to $4.7 billion this week – a rise of $800 million.

The budget proposal for the fiscal year 2014 includes more spending on defenses for government and private-sector networks, and an expansion of the Pentagon’s Cyber Command, a unit described as a “fully-operational Internet-era fighting force” by Pentagon officials earlier this year, with nearly 5,000 military and civilian experts at its disposal.

“Lock your doors,” Air Force General Robert Kelher said at a conference in Colorado on Tuesday this week, reported by Reuters. “Someone from halfway around the world is trying to get into your network looking to steal what you are developing.”

The Department of Homeland Security will also see an increase in spending, with $44 million for further information-sharing efforts. The Department is also expected to work more closely with private sector businesses.

Some of the spending applied to departments whose budgets are classified. “The budget includes increases and improvements to a full range of cyberspace activities,” said the Obama administration in its report.

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