New vulnerability on Android Samsung smartphones claimed

Android enthusiasts claim to have discovered a new vulnerability on Samsung smartphones that could allow an attacker to gain administrative access to the device through any installed app.

The vulnerability was announced on the Windows Phone and Android users XDA Developers forum which claimed that the vulnerability lay in the Samsung headset kernel and affects all Samsung phones running Exynos 4210 and 4412 processors. According to the forum this incudes the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy S2 Meizu MX.

“This would allow access to all physical memory on the device and, in the worst-case scenario,it could be stolen or erased by an attacker who uses an app to exploit the flaw. The good news is we can easily obtain root access on these devices and the bad is there is no control over it.” said the XDA member who claims to have discovered the vulnerability.

Author , We Live Security

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