Facebook scam: the hours I spend…

I tend not to try to compete with sites like Facecrooks that specialize in tracking malware issues: however, they've just flagged a scam that has apparently already tricked around 300,000 Facebook users into Liking a scam page, and are appealing for people to report it to Facebook in the hope of getting the scam site taken down.

Of course, it's up to you whether you actually report it, but it's evidently a bad idea to click on links in messages along the lines of this one:

wooow now I have seen how many hours I spend on Facebook…to find your time click here >

Evidently a far more effective hook than I'd have thought,…

According to the detailed Facecrooks description, the link leads to a malicious Facebook page that exposes you to several rogue Facebook apps and Profile Peeker scams. Going along with it will not only result in your friends being spammed with scam messages, but expose your FB data to other misuse. If you've already been bitten by one of these, the Facecrooks article makes some suggestions as regards how to fix it.

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Author David Harley, ESET

  • Momo

    aiming at the crown of people scammed who were born 1990+:
    You guys are also to blame for not listening in computer class about clicking on suspicious links and suspicious and/or harmful-resulting messages. You kids gotta listen in class instead of trying to find a good proxy site to play games or go on Facebook. 

  • Heila

    Saw a link to an app on a friends wall the other day…" see who visits your profile" or something to that effect…thought it might be cool to see……lucky for me i have Nod 32 installed and the page was recognised as spyware…Thanks !!

    • David Harley

      @Heila, yeah, that’s a very common scam hook.

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