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Sadly, having signed up some time ago (see Conferencing in the Metaverse) for the SC Virtual Summit taking place today, I'm too tied up with other things to actually attend.

The summit offers "live webcasts, videos and exhibitors all in a virtual world…" On entering the virtual exhibition hall, visitors can view live videos, download white papers and network with other visitors and SC Magazine UK staff, while in the virtual auditorium they can hear live webcasts.

Well, I'm afraid you won't be able to interact with me on this occasion. However, I am taking part in the keynote session (11.00-12.00 EST) on "APT: Real Threat or Just Hype" at US Infosecurity's Virtual Conference on November 8th. Here are the details of the panel:

APT: Real Threat or Just Hype? Everyone’s talking about advanced persistent threats. According to security researchers, APT-driven zero-day attacks may have been behind the widely-publicized data breach at RSA in March of this year. This session will define what makes an APT, and advises what techniques you can use to defend your organization from these new menacing attacks.

Steve Gold, Technology Editor, Infosecurity magazine
John Walker, ISACA Advisory Board, CEO, Secure-Bastion
David Harley, Security Research Fellow, ESET
Matt McKinley, Director of US Product Management, Stonesoft

Hopefully, I'll be a little more in evidence for that conference: maybe I'll "see" some of you there?

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