Sony PlayStation – Rehacked reloaded?

In life one cannot reload a particular scene; however, in gaming one certainly can.  This is an unfortunate time for Sony PlayStation and customers due to the recent breach.  Anecdotal reports are now coming in that Sony PlayStation who opened up their gaming ecosystem recently has now potentially fallen to a password reset hack.  This is all preliminary information and we'll have to stay tuned as the story develops.  This may not be a hack at all; however, to be cautious, we wanted to send up an alert.  We visited Sony's PlayStation web site to "Login" and issue a Password Reset Request.  Both times under IE9, FF, and Chrome the following notice was served:

Stay tuned, this may not be anything at all.  We'll keep you informed as we learn more.  If this is a hack, Sony shows they are on top of it and disabling the functions that may permit it to succeed.

UPDATE 2:06 PM PDT on 18 May

According to Sony's Blog Post by Patrick Seybold Sony has confirmed that the password reset page has been taken offline due to a URL exploit and that this has been fixed.  Checking their login page still shows the alert shared above.

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