Disaster Scams and Resources

I've added some commentary and resources on the Japan earthquake/tsunami disasters to an independent blog I maintain that specializes in hoaxes, scams and so forth, but here are a few of the same resources that aren't already included in my recent blogs here on the topic:

Of course, other security vendors are blogging the SEO and scam angles as well.

Since I posted that, however, I've come across a useful post by Phil Muncaster as well.

His article Google, Twitter and Facebook step up to help Japan earthquake survivors points to Google's people finder service and the crisis response page I've included above, but also highlights the importance of Twitter and Facebook as secondary means of communication.

While I agree on that latter point, I feel obliged to point out that the abuse of trending topics on Twitter and of new Facebook pages for the usual parasitical criminal activity is inevitable. :(

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