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One of the less obvious tasks associated with blogging is that every so often we have to find time to go through the comments that have been posted to our blogs. Inevitably, some are examples of blog spam that have slipped through our filters. Some are comments to blogs we posted long ago, and while that doesn’t mean we ignore them, it sometimes means that they don’t get our attention as quickly as you might wish.

Others are wildly off-topic for this blog: that doesn’t mean we ignore those, either, but this blog is maintained by members of ESET LLC’s Research team, and while we’ll help with anything within our spheres of competence, we aren’t resourced or qualified to comment on many of the issues that are raised such as future development plans or support problems. Even I don’t know everything. :) 

If you have a support query, you usually have two main sources of information: the distributor from whom you bought the product, or the support page at, which includes not only access to the knowledge-base but information on other options if that fails.

It’s not that we want to be unhelpful, but you’ll get quicker and more authoritative responses from people who are actually employed to do product support.

We now return you to your normal programming.

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  • Hello,

    Another good source of support for ESET’s products is ESET’s own official support forum, which is hosted by Wilders Security. It is available at


    Aryeh Goretsky

  • Hi,

    Also, any distributor have a site with most usually FAQ’s about support and, in your language.
    The contact phone and form too ;-)

    Gonzalo Alvarez
    ESET Uruguay

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