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Further to yesterday’s blog at, I hear from  Sebastián Bortnik that the account holder that posted those malicious slides to Slideshare has been banned, and the slide decks are no longer available.

However, he (the black hat, not Sebastián!) had managed to post 2,473 slides with malicious links before he was stepped on: see the screenshot at

Totally off the topic, but congratulations to the Research and Development team in Slovakia for achieving yet another VB100 award in Virus Bulletin’s latest test, this month on Vista Business Edition SP2 X32 platform. Not to mention a very respectable RAP (Reactive and Proactive) score of nearly 80%.

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Author David Harley, ESET

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to let readers know that the offending user account has been removed. Thanks a ton for bringing this to our notice.

    Spam slideshows are a problem for us. And as this example shows, they can be turned malicious as well. In case anyone comes across any other user account from where this is happening, please email us, and we shall take immediate action.

    As a company we are committed to stop all such malpractises.


    Amit Ranjan
    Cofounder, SlideShare

  • Thanks for posting about this. We found your blog post and removed the user and the slideshows. In future, please drop us a note (or just post a blog post like previous one). We will act on it immediately.

    Cofounder & CEO

  • Thank you, Amit and Rashmi. It was actually our Latin American colleagues that discovered the issue, and I presume that they would have tried to contact you when they first noticed it, but I’ll make sure that they’re aware of the addresses on your contact page.

    I’ll also put up one more follow-up blog so that media who’ve picked up on the original blog are aware that the issue has been dealt with and that you’re keen to deal with any further abuses of which you may be notified.

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