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The email scam du jour is an email scam promising government grants. One of the highly prevalent ones is from an alleged company called “Rapid Grants Solutions Kit”. I decided to search for them. This time I used Google, Yahoo,, and In al cases the results looked pretty shady.

The results with Google provided some sponsored links. The top paid link, “The Grants Review.Com” included the following text to entice clickers to go to their web site:

“Warning! Want To Get A Grant? Do Not . Read This Warning.”

The site claims “As seen on MSN, CNBC, CNN, CBS News, ABC, WSJ.COM, but they do not link to any of these company’s web sites to allow you to verify that anything was written about them at all, or that it was anything more than a paid advertisement. Anyone can place a logo on their web site. The presence of the logo is not proof of anything. The most highly recommended “grant site” by is

The top hit on Yahoo,, and was So, essentially the four search engines landed with the same top hit.

I decided to check on They have a nifty little calculator to help determine if you might be eligible for a grant. Actually, the calculator is to determine how likely you are to fall for a scam, I think. So, I decided to try it out. For some reason they want your first name. I entered “Howard”. Next they want your current marital status. I told them that “Howard is living with a significant other”. “Howard earns over $150,000 per year, has lived at his current residence for 10 to 20 years, is employed, and was born in 1948.

Congratulations HOWARD, You Could Be Well On Your Way To Becoming One Of The Countless People Who Have Already Claimed Their Government Grant Money.

Wow, I even got 3:15 minutes to claim my Rapid Grants Solutions Kit!!! Particularly funny was the testimonial with the disclaimer “*Results were not typical. Individuals has been remunerated.”  This is a fancy way of saying that getting a government grant is not typical and they paid someone to say they had received a grant.

Next I decided to see if Satan qualified for a grant. I decided that Satan was single, made $0 to $35,000 per year, lived at his current residence for more than 20 years, was self employed and born in 1990. They do check, you have to be 18 or older! The results?

“Congratulations SATAN, You Could Be Well On Your Way To Becoming One Of The Countless People Who Have Already Claimed Their Government Grant Money!”

OK, one last chance. I told them I was Lehman Brothers…

“Congratulations LEHMAN BROTHERS, You Could Be Well On Your Way To Becoming One Of The Countless People Who Have Already Claimed Their Government Grant Money!”

OK, there is some credibility there!

When you try to leave their site it pops up a message box saying “Hey Wait! A live agent has a special discount for you!” but it is a chatbot and not a live agent. obviously lies.

The Yahoo search yielded a warning that one of the sites in the results is a potentially harmful website. This site did not show up in the first page of any other search engine though.

The cash for grants emails are scams and adwords do not mean you are dealing with an honest or reputable company.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • Deborah

    I just want to thank you for doing the research for those of us who are just smart enough to suspect a scam but not sure how to check it out!

  • Randy Abrams

    Thank you Debbie. When you come across things like this and have questions, feel free to email I’m delighted to check into these things and try to teach people how to evaluate them for themselves.


  • Tara

    Thank you very much. I clicked on an ad on facebook that looked too good to be true. I’m glad to have found your write-up.

  • Jumin’ Jack Flash

    I just want to say that this is an excellent Blog. I saw an ad on Facebook that took me to a blog by a (more than likely) fictitious Mike Donahue. Except, there was one thing odd about the blog. The Grant he supposedly got from this site, had the name Jeffery Donahue; obviously a red light to anyone attentive to details. I decided to check around the web for something to confirm my suspicions, and this was it. The amazing work by you, and my confirmed suspicions led to me blocking the website, and writing my own blog on it. Thanks much for this.

  • I too have learned the hard way, spent too much money on internet scam pro grams, AND I have learned to do a little research BEFORE you buy,one thing I noticed on that jeff donahue site, the pic of him and his “family” the child in the pic looks like a statue, not a living person, so my suggestion look closely before you cick on the order buttons

  • Add my thanks to all of those above.

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