Beta Test This!

Well, I said I wasn’t going to post each time the storm gang changes their tactics, however, perhaps I can use many of their ploys to teach anti-scam education.

The scum-scam du jour is an email asking you to beta test some software. One I saw went as follows:

Would you consider helping us with your opinion of our new program
Cooking Helper

This beta testing will help prepare us for market release. As a beta
tester you will receive a free copy of the program and free updates.

Just download the program, Check it out, and let us know your opinion.
If you would like to help us with this no obligation Beta test, follow
this link to our secure download server: <link removed>

Here’s my thought process.

1) I don’t know the company sending me this.

2) I didn’t sign up to be on a beta list, even if I did know the company.

3) I want to see information about the beta on a company’s web site BEFORE I consider downloading the software AND I know of the company.

4) I assume anything asking me to download software is trying to infect my computer unless I have very, very good reason to believe otherwise.

It’s just that simple.  Assume email from unknown sources that ask you to go to a web page or download something is trying to infect you and then delete it without clicking the link.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • Alex

    NOD32 – прекраÑ?ный продукт )
    хотелоÑ?ÑŒ бы, ещё чтобы в окне “On-demand Computer Scan” была кнопка “пропуÑ?тить текущий архив” , а то проверка затÑ?гиваетÑ?Ñ?…
    СпаÑ?ибо заранее :)
    NOD32 – is Nice programm!
    but i’d like to see one more button in “On-demand Computer Scan” – button “skip current archive file” becoz it can take a lot of time.
    Thanks :)

  • makis

    Can please anyone tell me why I cannot update the version 4 of antivirus with a valid serial from version 3.? Wiil this be available in the official release? Or we have to change the user and password with new ones? Thanks.

  • Randy

    The best place to ask questions about the beta is at or on the beta forum at

    I don’t know why the V3 credentials don’t let you update the beta, but I am told this will work in the released product.

    Randy Abrams
    Director of Technical Education

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