Spambot Games – so far

Did the spambots guess the answers to my questions? I think not. I tried the following two questions:

Got Milk

In both cases the answer I specified as correct was

“quue792mcow9up4esbbrkjldjb,dzrrkjrenjl407niuvdopinejnvf DHOIVNN;LN;ND”

I’m pretty certain that the spambots did not have time to crack the question, so now it is time to find out how they are bypassing the challenge mechanism. I suspect that won’t be too hard to find out, but knowing that is happening narrows the search for the solution to the problem.

The challenge question now has an appropriate answer so you can fee free to comment.

Just one note… Because most of the spam contains a URI with “.info” in it you will not be able to use .info any where in your comments until the problem is solved. Blacklisting is a suitable tool in some cases for some time frames.

In addition to blog comments, if you have questions or other comments you can send them to me at 

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • Good luck in your quest. I will enjoy reading how you get on.

  • David Harley

    Flow, we cannot answer product support queries on the Threatblog: please go to the Support tab on the home page.

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