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US court hits Russian PoS hacker with record 27 year jail sentence

Russian hacker receives the longest sentence ever handed down for hacking-related charges in the United States.

Young cybercriminals ‘more motivated by peer respect than financial gain’

A new report suggests young cybercriminals are often motivated by the possibility of notoriety, rather than financial gain.

Nearly half of UK businesses experienced a cybersecurity incident in the last 12 months

Nearly half of all UK businesses have experienced a cybersecurity incident over the last 12 months, according to a new government paper.

InterContinental Hotels Group reveals ‘how it minimized recent malware attack’

The InterContinental Hotels Group says the implementation of its SPS system helped to minimize the damage caused by a recent data breach.

Turn the light on and give me your passwords!

ESET researchers have discovered another banking trojan on Google Play targeting Android users – this time disguised as a Flashlight widget.

When PR and reality collide: The truth about machine learning in cybersecurity

Machine learning (ML) is routinely cited by post-truth vendors as their biggest selling point, their main advantage. But ML – if it’s done properly – comes with problems and limitations.

Women in cybersecurity: Slowly but surely, change is coming

Only 11% of positions in the global cybersecurity workforce are occupied by women. We take a look at why and what is being done to change this.

10 ways to prepare your organization for GDPR

GDPR is coming into play in May 2018, but a lot of companies remain unprepared, which could have implications on how they process data.

Real or virtual currency? Scammers accept both

ESET researchers have discovered and reported scammers stealing PayPal and Paxful credentials disguised as a tool for YouTube monetization, and a bitcoin trading marketplace.

Internet Society: Encryption is key to growing world economy

The Internet Society says that current perceptions of data encryption are misguided and need to change for the sake of the digital economy.

Don’t buy the elixir of youth: Machine learning is not magic

There is no magic in machine learning. It’s a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to find patterns in huge amounts of data.

Fighting post-truth with reality in cybersecurity

Welcome to the beginning of a new series of short articles focused on the currents state of AI, all the ins and outs of machine learning, and how it affects cybersecurity.

Smartphone sensors ‘can reveal PINs and passwords’

A smartphone’s internal sensors may provide cybercriminals with enough information to be able to guess a user PINs and passwords, according to new research by Newcastle University in the UK.

Top tip for botnet overlords: Don’t vacation in countries that can extradite you to the United States

There’s no doubt that a life of cybercrime can earn its most successful overlords a considerable amount of money, but you will always have to live with the fear that you could be apprehended and – if convicted – spend years in prison.

Spanish Harmada: More on tech support scams

David Harley and Josep Albors on the evolution of tech support scams and why the current high incidence of reports in Spain are significant.

Ghost in the Shell: Fantasy meets reality with cybersecurity themes

With the recent big screen adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, we thought it would be a good idea to review some of the cybersecurity themes it explores.

ISP privacy – how much should it cost?

ISPs have started to monetize customer information quietly while selling them bandwidth. The temptation is strong, as that kind of aggregate data has real value on the secondary market, but what about the customers’ privacy?

Healthcare challenges: Ransomware and the Internet of Things are the tip of the iceberg

ESET’s Lysa Myers discusses the challenges facing healthcare technology, medical and fitness devices and highlights the need to secure medical devices

It’s time to finally say goodbye to Windows XP. And Vista. Again

Three years ago, Microsoft ended its extended support for Windows XP. Today, almost 8% of desktop users worldwide are still run the operating system.

Sathurbot: Distributed WordPress password attack

This article sheds light on the current ecosystem of the Sathurbot backdoor trojan, in particular exposing its use of torrents as a delivery medium and its distributed brute-forcing of weak WordPress administrator accounts.

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