Sabrina Pagnotta
Sabrina Pagnotta
Senior Editor for Spanish
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Education: Journalist, currently studying Communications at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE).

Highlights of your career? After journalism school I started writing for Animal Planet Latin America and Associated Press (AP). While I was studying, I was appointed Editor in Chief of the students' magazine.

Position and history at ESET? I'm a member of ESET Latin America's Communications team since 2012. I started working in PR and in 2014, when we launched WeLiveSecurity in Spanish, I became the platform editor. My job is to plan, create and edit all the materials that we publish.

What malware do you hate the most? Trojans, because you never know how far their malicious intentions may go.

Favorite activities? Playing hockey, reading non-fiction novels, and watching TV series.

Golden rule for cyberspace? Take care in cyberspace just as you do in the physical world: cautiously but without paranoia.

When did you get your first computer and what kind was it? It was a 386DX machine with Windows 95. Yes, I'm a millennial!

Favorite computer game/activity? Watching videos and reading articles, fan theories and curiosities about the things I like, such as Pokémon and Harry Potter.

Mr. Robot security recap: 10 lessons learned from Season 02

Cybersecurity and hacking play a leading role in the series, so with Mr. Robot season 02 almost over, we want to do a reality check on the scenarios we saw.

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In celebration of the International Day of Friendship, we want to help you spot undesirable ‘friends’ on Facebook.

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Since 2015, thousands of aspiring Pokémon trainers have been waiting for the release of Pokémon GO, which has just launched. Watch out for fakes.

Introducing Metaphor: Another Android Stagefright exploit

Researchers in Israel have come across a new way of exploiting the Stagefright vulnerability that was uncovered last year, and which affects the library that Android uses to analyze multimedia files.

ESET Trends for 2016: Threats keep evolving as security becomes part of our lives

ESET’s Trends for 2016: (In)Security Everywhere report includes a review of the most important events of last year and outlines trends in cybercriminal activity and cyberthreats for 2016.

Ransom32, a new Filecoder in sight

A new ransomware named Ransom32 poses as Google Chrome and is distinguished from similar threats by its weight.

8 security tips for gamers: go play with no worries!

It is possible to enjoy videogames by applying practical security measures that will keep us safe. In this article, we look at 8 security tips.

How did the Internet change the everyday work of a security researcher?

Aryeh Goretsky and David Harley talk to Sabrina Pagnotta about the internet’s impact on security research.

Four Mortal Kombat moves cybercriminals use to attack your security

Some of the tricks employed by the characters in the Mortal Kombat series aren’t a million miles away from those deployed by cybercriminals…

The immortality of data (and people) in the digital age

In the future, everything around us will be managed by data, and those who have data will have power. So, will anonymity be possible (or desirable)?

Lysa Myers: “There are still only a handful of women in the security field”

There are many female researchers and computer experts who contribute to the field, helping everyone enjoy safer technology. We spoke to one of the most prominent: Lysa Myers, a member of our research team in the US.

7 unromantic Valentines gifts from a cybercriminal

We’ve already looked at online dating scams to be aware of for Valentines Day, but here’s some more threats that not-so-special someone could end up sending you, if you’re not careful!

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