Filip Kafka
Filip Kafka
Malware Analyst
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Education: ESET VirusLab.

Highlights of your career: Discovery of one of the biggest surveillance campaign seen so far

What malware do you hate the most? Everyone of them.

Favorite activities: Learning from other experts. Sports (swimming).

Golden rule for cyberspace? Always be careful.

When did you get your first computer and what kind was it? When I was five, it was very old one.

Favorite computer game / activity: Reverse engineering!

ESET’s guide makes it possible to peek into FinFisher

To help malware analysts and security researchers overcome FinFisher’s advanced anti-disassembly obfuscation and virtualization features, ESET researchers have framed some clever tricks into a whitepaper, “ESET’s guide to deobfuscating and devirtualizing FinFisher”.

StrongPity2 spyware replaces FinFisher in MitM campaign – ISP involved?

As we reported in September, in campaigns we detected in two different countries, man-in-the-middle attacks had been used to spread FinFisher, with the “man” in both cases most likely operating at the ISP level.

New FinFisher surveillance campaigns: Internet providers involved?

FinFisher has extensive spying capabilities, such as live surveillance through webcams and microphones, keylogging, and exfiltration of files. What sets FinFisher apart from other surveillance tools, however, are the controversies around its deployments.

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