Diego Perez

Diego Perez

Malware Analyst

Education: I became a Technician in Electronics at Technical School No. 28 in Buenos Aires. Currently I study Systems Engineering at the National University of San Martin, Argentina.

Position and history at ESET: I joined ESET Latin America in 2013 as a Support Technician, and in early 2014 I started working as a Malware Analyst.

What is the malware you hate the most? : Trojan.

Favorite activities: Playing football and competing in motor racing.

What is your golden rule in cyberspace? : If you have any questions or concerns, you will find an answer on the internet.

When did you have your first computer and what type was it? : I got my first computer in 2002. It had a Windows 98 operating system.

What is your favorite activity or game on the computer? : At the moment I enjoy several activities like playing games related to cars or soccer, downloading music or videos and to update my social networks.

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