OurMine, the infamous hacker collective, hijacked the official Twitter accounts of FC Barcelona, the Olympics and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Saturday. The La Liga soccer giant, for one, also ran afoul of the group in 2017, when it had both its Facebook and Twitter accounts defaced.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed for Business Insider that, much like in the previous incidents, the hack occurred via a third-party platform. Twitter took action and locked the accounts as soon as it became aware of the issue.

In a separate statement, an IOC spokesperson confirmed that they are investigating the breach into their social media accounts.

FC Barcelona took to Twitter to acknowledge the attack and announce that it will be conducting a cybersecurity audit and reviewing its protocols.

Meanwhile, the hacking group hinted at Neymar’s possible return to the Blaugranas squad, claiming it read through some of the team’s private correspondence. In a now-deleted series of tweets, OurMine also mocked the Spanish soccer team for falling victim to the same type of attack twice.

The hacker collective also made headlines earlier this year, when it hijacked the official Twitter accounts of 15 NFL teams and the league itself. Just days ago, OurMine also broke into the Twitter and Instagram accounts for Facebook and Messenger.

Keep your eye on the ball

Account takeover attacks typically leverage credential stuffing, an automated method that deploys bots for login attempts. Using leaked or stolen access credentials from data breaches, the bots will then hammer the sites with multiple login attempts until one of the combinations pans out.

To lower the chances of having your account hacked or taken over, we suggest using two-factor authentication (2FA), if the option is supported. Many services offer 2FA as an extra layer of security to protect you from account takeover attacks.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all offer several 2FA methods, but if you’re not sure if your service of choice offers such an option you can check here. The second authentication factor offers a valuable additional layer of protection in exchange for very little effort – our recent article can teach you the ropes of 2FA.

Should your account still fall victim to an account-takeover attack, you may want to read our article about what to do if your Twitter account has been hacked.