Much like building a house, a solid foundation is one of the most crucial aspects to pay attention to when trying to grow a strong and secure business.

If you are in the process of building your business it is key that you develop smart goals by creating realistic growth targets and coming up with action plans to achieve those goals. A great first step is to standardize your processes by making it predictable and repeatable. This creates a rhythm for your employees and cultivates a clear foundation within your company.

You always build from the ground up, and every small-medium business (SMB) must build a strong foundation with their management team. This can be done by utilizing broad and complementary skill sets to maintain these processes and train the new team members.

ESET’s brand ambassador in Canada, Marc Saltzman, outlines just how important employee training is in the fight against cybercrime:  "Training your employees about best practices for cybersecurity and developing a proactive security plan is integral to building confidence with your customers and team, by protecting your business and customer’s data. Your employees are your first line of defense."

Training your employees doesn't have to cost your business from a financial perspective but not training them in cybersecurity best practices could, and probably will, lead to such loss somewhere down the line.  There are many cybersecurity courses online that will help to educate and train employees about the dangers that are often hidden from untrained eyes.

It's also important for employers to know that that such training and education can often be completed in a short time frame. "Building a stable foundation through IT training can allow you to stay competitive," says Saltzman. It will also empower employees by giving them the correct training on cybersecurity. This knowledge can be used to be proactive, instead of reactive, when a cybersecurity issue occurs.

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