ESET celebrates 30 years of innovation in IT security by giving away $30,000 to nonprofits

ESET are giving away a total of $30,000 in prize money to nonprofits to celebrate 30 years of continuous technological innovation in IT security.

ESET are giving away a total of $30,000 in prize money to nonprofits to celebrate 30 years of continuous technological innovation in IT security.

Ensuring that we all have access to safer and more secure technology is a big job – too big for any one company or organization. It is important for lots of different people to be included in improving the utility and accessibility of devices and the internet.

At ESET, we’re proud to say that for the last 30 years, while we have been building security technology, we have also been an enthusiastic participant in a wide variety of events and communities that help further the goals of making the digital environment more welcoming.

This is why, as we celebrate 30 years of continuous technological innovation in IT security, we want to hear from nonprofits that will be alongside us for the next 30 years – helping build a smart, strong and inclusive digital world. 


So, accordingly, we are giving away a total of $30,000 to nonprofits that share our vision of the future ($20,000 in prize money will be awarded to the grand prize winner, and $2,000 to the five runners-up).

We want to hear from nonprofits that serve the following communities, or have a proposed initiative in one of the following categories:

  • Women in technology
  • Cybersecurity or STEM/STEAM education
  • Organizations dedicated to the startup community.

Why these groups?

Women in technology:

When underrepresented groups are given support, encouragement and resources, a growing body of research shows that we may all benefit. While women make up over 46% of the total US workforce, they comprise less than 11% of the cybersecurity workforce. In order to make technology more useful to everyone – and to bring a more diverse set of perspectives to the problem of insecure technology – we need to include everyone.

Cybersecurity education or STEM/STEAM education:

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Even kids who are “Digital Natives” may not have received education about how computers work – much less about what constitutes safe online behavior. Research also shows that exposing kids to science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) early on can help inspire the sort of creativity and curiosity that can motivate them to seek out careers in technology, including cybersecurity.

Organizations helping the startup community:

While it may seem like the dominant ethos of technology companies is still to “move fast and break things,” this does not have to be the way we go into the future. Tomorrow’s great — and secure — technology is built by the startups and innovators of today. Incubators and business-focused nonprofits that provide resources to tech startups and entrepreneurs can help us support secure innovation to help move technology in a safer direction.

Help spread the word

We encourage you, dear readers, to help get the word out to nonprofits that you think are doing good work to serve the community. Share this article, or the ESET Nonprofit Pitch Fest entry form page. Let’s make the next 30 years of technology development even more wonderful than the last.

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