Amazon customers are the latest victims of an email scam, warns Get Safe Online.

Fraudsters claiming to be from Amazon have sent out thousands of emails to consumers, telling them that there is a ‘problem’ with their order.

To resolve the alleged issue, the email asks customers to confirm ‘certain information’ by clicking on a link. Otherwise, they will not be able to access their Amazon account.

This directs people to a seemingly credible but fake website, making it easy for even the most vigilant customer to fall for the scam.

Here, they are required to input in personal information. When customers have entered in their details, they are asked to click a ‘Save & Continue’ button.

This then takes them to Amazon’s official website, again making it difficult for most people to suspect of any fraudulent activity.

Get Safe Online warns that customers are more easily exploited in the lead up to Christmas, with last minute shopping anxiety making them more susceptible to threats.

Online fraudulent activity is becoming increasingly common, with high quality, authentic looking phishing scams being especially difficult to spot.

Get Safe Online has issued a list of safety precautions for online shoppers to watch out for while shopping on Amazon.

Along with being aware of emails asking them to update their details or fix a problem with their account, it advises customers to regularly check their bank statements.

Looking out for a secure website page is also vital. This can be done by ensuring that the address contains ‘https’ at the beginning, with the ‘s’ standing for secure.