The security review: Security is 'easy', say RSA startups

The security review: Security is ‘easy’ – just ask someone at RSA

Welcome to this week’s security review, in which we'll be assessing the buzzword-laden security startups of RSA, and rounding up the week's biggest stories.

Welcome to this week’s security review, in which we’ll be assessing the buzzword-laden security startups of RSA, and rounding up the week’s biggest stories.

Welcome to this week’s security review.

Over the past seven days we’ve been drowning in the buzzword-laden security startups of RSA, checking the status of online voting for Super Tuesday, and compiling a security checklist that every family should follow. Read all this and more in our weekly digest.

Security is ‘easy’ – just ask someone at RSA

ESET was in San Francisco for RSA last week, and our man on the ground Cameron Camp was less than impressed with the slick marketing coming from this year’s security startups. While ‘next-gen’ solutions that catch 100% of zero days certainly sound great on paper, Camp says the challenges facing the industry aren’t so easily overcome: “It’s not hard to mash up some buzzwords, license a few tech companies’ engines and hire a graphics team to put a booth together, but real security takes years to get right … with lots of trial and error.”

Super Tuesday is still offline. What’s the catch?

Super Tuesday

As US citizens turned out at ballet boxes across the country last Tuesday, we were left wondering why online voting is still a no-go in this digital age. Ondrej Kubovič tackles the issue, weighing up comparisons, conflicts as well as a successful experiment in Estonia. Could it work elsewhere? It’s ‘not impossible” says Kubovič, yet still hard to foresee whether the cybersecurity requirements could be applied to larger nations.

Managing agile virtual machine security across the enterprise: A closer look

Moving security to different digital intersections may serve to reduce the load on the endpoint – thereby avoiding duplicate scans, say, during a malware storm. However, it is just as important to understand how and when an agile approach to deploying your network defenses in real-time should be performed, and how attacks might dictate that approach. Cameron Camp looks at best practices, and how to strike a balance between network load, endpoint load and attack defense agility.

5 threats every company needs to pay attention to


According to an RSA Conference report last week, 82% of security professionals believe that their company’s board of directors are either ‘concerned’ or ‘very concerned’ by the threat of cyberattack, yet just 1 in 7 of these experts report directly to their CEO. So, what are the threats that every company needs to pay attention to? Pablo Ramos highlights five of the biggest.

RSA: Will your next phone have quantum cryptographic 2FA?

Will your next smartphone come armored with quantum cryptographic 2FA? One vendor at RSA believes the answer is “yes”, but taking quantum physics and putting it in a box has proved disturbingly daunting thus far. Cameron Camp looks at the latest efforts from Quintessence Labs, and asks whether it’s a good idea to build an unbreakable lock.

The family security checklist

security checklist with family

As family homes become increasingly flooded with internet-connected devices, it’s important to know the associated risks and respond accordingly. We Live Security’s family security checklist has you covered, helping you to assess the dangers and keep your household protected.