Virtual skyscraper Cyphinx hopes to find cyber talent

The Cyber Security Challenge in the UK has developed a virtual skyscraper to discover the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

The scheme, backed by the Cabinet Office, has been described as “the first ever virtual world designed solely to find, test and recruit cyber talent”.

Dubbed Cyphinx, the online 3D virtual building will act as a space for security-related games, ciphers and competitions, all designed to spot talented individuals.

This is seen as a creative response to the “chronic shortage” of cybersecurity professionals not just in the UK, but across the world.

Stephanie Daman, CEO at the Cyber Security Challenge UK, said this problem is resolvable, as there is “a wealth of talent which is still untapped”.

“Over the last six years we have made it our mission to find these individuals, using the best, most innovative methods,” she continued.

“This is the next logical step to inspire an audience who may not even know that cyber is the career for them.”

“This is the next logical step to inspire an audience who may not yet even know that cyber is the career for them.

“By harnessing industry, government and candidate knowledge and expertise to find talent in new and innovative ways, we’ve created a world first – a virtual community that can be accessed whenever our candidates desire.”

The first batch of games designed specifically for the virtual building have been created by technology organizations, as well as seasoned experts. This includes the likes of Clearswift and ProCheckUp.

Additionally, young people, aged between 12-15, have been involved in the consultation process.

This is to ensure that the games, while conceived to be deliberately challenging, nevertheless reflect “contemporary gaming ideas”.

“The UK has a thriving digital economy so there’s a huge demand for people to join the cybersecurity profession and help protect our businesses,” commented Ed Vaizey, minister of state for culture and the digital economy.

“The government is committed to encouraging young people to consider cyber security as a career, and this new ‘virtual world’, developed by the Cyber Security Challenge, will help ensure the UK develops the cyber experts of the future.”

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