Google Drive security boost for paying customers

Organizations that pay to use Google Drive will benefit from a raft of new security features, it has been announced.

The tech giant said that this is part of its “ongoing commitment” to provide enterprises with productive and safe work-related solutions.

And with more organizations signing up to Google for Work – one million paying customers as of this year – the company is under even greater pressure to deliver a secure and effective product.

“Google Drive … the safest place for all of your work.”

In an official blog, Scott Johnston, director of product management for Google Drive, said that these developments will make Google Drive “the safest place for all of your work”.

He highlighted three areas that have undergone a significant revamp – a new standard for privacy has been introduced; eDiscovery capabilities have been transformed; and mobile device management features have been updated.

The latter is in recognition of the fact that the nature of work has changed significantly over the last few years, with more organizations advocating the use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Employers are also now able to encrypt devices, scrutinize usage and enforce strong passwords, the expert stated. They will also be able to wipe all data in the event of a device being stolen or lost.

As for privacy, Google has added the new ISO/IEC 27018:2014 privacy standard to its compliance framework.

Mr Johnston explained: “This audit validates our privacy practices and contractual commitments to our customers, verifying for example that we don’t use your data for advertising, that the data that you entrust with us remains yours and that we provide you with tools to delete and export your data.”

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