Hackers hide malware in fake game pages hosted on Steam

Gamers downloading from Steam should beware of fake game pages, after a spate of clone titles were found on the service hiding harmful malware, reports SC Magazine.

A number of fake game listings were discovered this past weekend in the ‘Concepts’ section of Steam, posing as genuine games but, when clicked, linking the victim to a malware-infested download site. The game pages were made to look convincing and authentic, complete with official names, trailers, screenshots and descriptions.

One such fake page was disguised as the game ‘Octopus City Blues’ from the indie studio Ghost in a Bottle. Although the game’s developers reported the imposter as soon as they discovered it, after several days the phony page remains online and dangerous.
Fake steam game

“I reported the page and mentioned that I’m the creator of the original Greenlight page, and asked fans to report it as well, but it’s still up as you can see,” said Octopus City Blues designer Firas Assaad, speaking to Kotaku. “There were a few comments on the fake page warning people, but it seems that they were deleted. If it stays up I might send a DMCA complaint since companies take them more seriously.”

Other fake game pages hiding malware include Street Fist 2 and Garlock Online, the latter of which appears to have been available since late March.

Online gaming continues to be a prime target for cybercriminals, as Steam users were also targeted recently with a phishing scam spread via the service’s Marketplace. Gamers are advised to be extra careful when playing online, keeping in mind the advice from our video below;

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  • KillahInstinct

    I want to clarify something: The page(s) were taken down, but your article has made me alert that someone else (probably the user on another account) has reposted the games. I’ve taken them down.

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