Kris Jenner reveals naked video could be leaked in iCloud hack

Kris Jenner is reportedly being blackmailed over a naked video that was stolen from her iCloud account, and could be released in the public sphere.

According to The Independent, the hacker managed to steal surveillance footage taken from within the home of the reality TV star, and is now demanding money in exchange for the video.

Jenner has filed a criminal complaint with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department in a bid to retrieve the footage, while news of the hack is set to be the subject of a forthcoming episode of Keeping Up With Kardashians.

The 59-year-old is the latest celebrity to fall victim to iCloud hackers, following a batch of nude photos that were were leaked online last year.

ESET’s senior security researcher Stephen Cobb wrote about the initial wave of hacks last year, arguing that it’s the criminals – and only the criminals – that are to blame.

“The creepy people who stole the pictures are the ones responsible for this scandal and they should be held accountable,” explained Cobb. “For some strange reason, the world tends to approach computer security differently from physical security. If you forget to lock your car, that does not make you responsible for it being stolen. The car thief is clearly the only person truly responsible.”

The International Business Times notes that Jenner’s daughter Kim Kardashian was also among the celebrities targeted in the hacking scandal.

While it’s the criminals that are to blame, then, it’s still a good idea to make life difficult for hackers by protecting your social media accounts using the advice in our video:

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