DerpTrolling leaks 5,604 logins for PSN, 2K and Windows Live

Hacking group DerpTrolling has leaked 5,604 logins for three gaming networks to Pastebin, and claims that this is a “very small portion” of the credentials they have stolen, LifeHacker reports.

The leak was announced by the one of the hacking group to his 40,900 followers today with a seemingly innocuous comment:”We will just leave this here.” A Pastebin link with over 5,500 login credentials followed.

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“Dear Internet,” the Pastebin entry begins, “the following is a very small portion of Lord Gaben and the rest of his crews glorious raids across the high seas of the Internet.” The introduction then explains that the leak contains a selection of ‘2k Gaming studio user credentials’ (2,000), ‘PlayStation Network user credentials’ (2,131) and ‘Windows Live Email user credentials’ (1,473).

Speaking to CNET, a member of the group claimed that the data leaked to Pastebin was a small selection of a much bigger selection, stating, “We have 800,000 from 2K and 500,000 credit card data. In all of our raids we have a total of around 7 million usernames and passwords. We have around 2 million Comcast accounts, 620,000 Twitter accounts, 1.2 million credentials belonging to the CIA domain, 200,000 Windows Live accounts, 3 million Facebook, 1.7 million EA origins accounts, etc.”

The Independent reports that some of the logins contained on the document appear not to work, which suggests the leak could be out of date.

Despite this, ESET security researcher Raphael Labaca Castro advised that users of the services affected take no chances: “Even though there is not a large number of logins leaked, we encourage users to change their passwords for the Playstation Network, 2K Gaming Studio and Windows Live services.”

“Additionally, it’s always worth remembering that if you use the same password on different websites one leak could compromise more sensitive information than that stored on the affected sites,” he added

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