Top Cyber Security Awareness Month themes, topics, and resources

National Cyber Security Awareness Month happens every October, as we reported earlier in the month. And as predicted, NCSAM — as it is known — was bigger than ever in 2014. You may have attended NCSAM events held in your area (I attended three in San Diego and I’m at another in Maryland right now). Or you may have been involved virtually, following the Twitter hashtag #NCSAM.

One of the benefits of engaging in a month-long exploration of the topic of cybersecurity is the chance to discover and discuss the concerns of both companies and consumers. I recently recorded a webinar in which I presented my take on the top themes and topics of NCSAM 2014, from the shortage of skilled cybersecurity workers to the Internet of Things (IoT). You can watch and hear the webinar in the player below.

I hope you find this webinar helpful. (Note that you may be asked to register to watch, but there is no charge, and you only have to register once to see a whole bunch of security webinars recorded by myself and my fellow researchers.)

Author Stephen Cobb, ESET

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