What’s behind the rise in cybercrime? Find out from this recorded presentation

Cybercrime is rapidly rising up the public agenda, in America and many other countries, driven in part by large scale data thefts such as the one at Home Depot, now revealed to have compromised 56 million payment cards. Earlier this month I expounded on one aspect of the problem in my article Nude Celebs, Target, Home Depot: Who is to blame? Criminals!

Today I wanted to provide some background on what is behind the current wave of cybercrime, in the form of a webinar I recorded a month ago titled “The Evolution of Cybercrime.” This has already been watched by more than 300 people (and scored quite well in the viewer ratings). In the presentation I discuss the “dark markets” that are fueling data theft and present some measures that your organization can put in place to defend against these attacks. You can watch the webinar right here.

Author Stephen Cobb, ESET

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