A look back at 2013 from some folks who live security

As 2013 draws to a close I wanted to offer readers a look back at the top security research stories of the year that were published on We Live Security. My motives were not entirely unselfish: I joined the ranks of ESET security researchers this year so this was a great way for me to digest the work of my colleagues. The result is a 10 page report that hits the high notes (many of which were new lows, as in the depths to which malware exploiters have sunk to steal money and undermine the Internet). The report is called The Year of Surviving Dangerously (PDF).

For many reasons, 2013 was a big year for We Live Security! For a start, it was the year the site got started (with a soft launch on February 16, 2013). If you have been a loyal reader for several years you will know that WeLiveSecurity.com grew out of blog.eset.com. In fact, we’re working to make We Live Security a lot more than a blog. If you click around you will see that it contains the same great content that was published on blog.eset.com, but also includes new features and easier access to informative resources, such as the many podcasts on a range of security topics and numerous free white papers.

We have added new writers in 2013, with Rob Waugh doing a sterling job of covering security and privacy news from around the world. We heard from a wide range of ESET researchers across the globe, including the US and Canada, Latin America, the UK, the Netherlands, Slovakia, and Russia. We also added a Guest Writer slot so that people outside ESET could add their perspective and insight. Here’s what Stephen Cobb said when the site first went live, I think it bears repeating:

At ESET we strive to help people from all walks of life to enjoy the benefits of information technology without fear of falling prey to criminals and less scrupulous IT users. We see We Live Security as one more way to help everyone who uses a digital device or computer system to meet the challenges of security and privacy in the information age. Because our team really does live security, back in January we chose the name We Live Security, and the events of 2013 have born out the reality that security is a 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year proposition. We Live Security is always on and always alert to the latest threats.

We hope you are enjoying the new site and we want to hear from you. The site will be a better place for your input and opinion and we’ll be listening to your comments to make sure we give you the security and privacy content you need.

Wishing all our readers a safe and prosperous 2014!

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