Obama uses TV interview to raise cyber awareness

President Obama has used a TV interview to further raise public awareness of the growing cyber security threat against the United States. Conducted just before a high-profile meeting with US business leaders about the ongoing threat, the President told ABC News that the United States has seen a steady ramping up of cyber security threats. “Some of the threats are “absolutely” sponsored by governments. Some are state sponsored. Some are just sponsored by criminals.” he said.

However, he expressed a concern to be careful about using “war” analogies but made clear that the threat was real and that cyber attacks can, “cost billions of dollars, lead to stolen industry secrets, and place the United States at a competitive disadvantage”.

“We’ve made it very clear to state actors that we expect them to follow international norms and abide by international rules. There are ways that we can harden our critical infrastructure, our financial sector. They need to get this done.” said the President.

At the same time the Washington Post reported that the Pentagon’s new Cyber Command will create 13 offensive cyber teams by the fall of 2015 according to its head, General Keith Alexander.

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