Slides from the RSA conference: where the world talks security

If things seem a little slow on We Live Security this week it’s because a lot of us are attending the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco, billed as the event “Where the World Talks Security.” And indeed, this is a major gathering of cyber security companies and security experts, now in its twenty-second year (for the first few years it was known as the “Cryptography, Standards & Public Policy” forum).

ESET RSA 2013Unlike the fake conference to which David Harley referred earlier in the week, RSA is very real, and a really good place to take the pulse of information security. We will be providing some thoughts on the show when we get back, but right now we’re busy meeting with fellow security researchers and delivering some of our opinions on security in the form of presentations.

In the ESET booth, Cameron Camp has been doing a live hacking demonstration showing how a mobile device can be the entry point for an attack on a company. I have been talking about “What THEY want with your digital devices” and analyzing the leading motives for criminal hacking, as well as the primary lines of defense, particularly for small to medium size businesses or SMBs.

I also did a longer presentation in the Briefing Center that was called “The SMB Cyber Security Survival Guide.” This is a high level outline of how SMBs can move forward on securing their digital information, along with some of the reasons why they need to do so (hint: the largest group of companies suffering data breaches in the last Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report was those with more than 10 but less that 100 employees).

A number of people have asked for copies of the slides that I used in these two presentations so I thought I would make them available here. The Powerpoint that I presented in the ESET booth was formatted for the large, wide-aspect ratio video wall, so the file is quite large, even after compression into a ZIP file. For that reason I have provided a PDF version as a lightweight alternative for those with low bandwidth.

I hope these prove helpful to you in your efforts to improve cyber security in your organization.

Author Stephen Cobb, ESET

  • Thank you so much for sharing these excellent slideshow to us!

    • Stephen Cobb

      Thanks for the kind comment.

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