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It occurs to me that we haven’t been too good at keeping you up to date with the monthly Global Threat Reports lately, and once again we’re a third of the way through September without mentioning the August report. Which is a pity, as it’s quite a good example:

  • An Offer You Can’t Refuse revisits and expands upon an article I originally wrote for SC Magazine’s Cybercrime Corner about a 419 with a licence to kill and an eclectic taste in cultural references
  • Stephen Cobb gives lengthy consideration to the highly topical subject of The Industrialization of Criminal Malware, drawing together some disparate threads that have been addressed over time by ESET researchers.
  • ThreatSense 2012 – the Sequel looks at some slightly unexpected developments in the PC support scam
  • Mobile Mugging: Phoning in the Attack, by Robert Lipovsky, looks at the new generation of smartphone threats

And, of course, there’s last month’s top ten threats, as assessed by our LiveGrid telemetry technology.


Recent Threat Reports are available on the Threat Center page, but older reports are available from the Global Threat Reports page. And this might be a good time to recap on where some of our other papers and presentations can be found:

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Author David Harley, ESET

  • Mario

    Out of curiosity, will the reverse engineering blog posts be returning at some point?

    • David Harley

      Mario, the kind of post you’re probably talking about is usually initiated by hands-on researchers rather than the core blogging team, though the posts themselves are often collaborative. They’re far too interesting not to do more of them, but because blogging isn’t the primary job of the people who do most of the analysis, exactly when they appear is determined by other commitments. In fact, ESET bloggers aren’t full-time bloggers: we all do a range of other things as well.

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