Endpoint Security Webinar: Protecting your network at the sharp end

I have a theory that says improving information system security–the security of our operating systems, network connections, and applications–just means the bad guys will focus more attention on our endpoints, the digital devices we use to access the information and systems we need to do our work.

The endpoint between the earsFurthermore, as we improve endpoint security technology, the people that use the endpoints will be targeted more and more by bad guys who see end users as the weak link in our data defenses. To put it another way, the real endpoint is between the ears. You need security-savvy users on your side as well as good security technology on your endpoints.

That's my take on why all aspects of endpoint security are so important today and I just finished recording a webinar that captures my thoughts on the subject quite well. You can access the recording of the webinar here.

When you have some time–about 50 minutes or so–I hope you can take a look and a listen. I''m keen to know what you think about this theory, and the practical advice I offer towards the end of the webinar about how to protect endpoints today. You will need to register to see the webinar but it only takes a moment and you won't have to divulge a whole lot of information to do so.

BTW, that same link will lead you to a range of recorded information security webinars that may be of interest, as well as notices about upcoming sessions you might like to attend. We also have a page that provides links to all the latest ESET security resources in one place. We hope you find it helpful.

Author Stephen Cobb, ESET

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