New White Paper "Trends for 2012: Malware Goes Mobile"

Many of you have read the last few weeks that we published posts on trends for 2012 in the field of malware and cybercrime. In this series I wrote a post based on the document that the Education and Research team of ESET Latin America put together, entitled "2012 Predictions: More mobile malware and localized attacks".

With David Harley's (and ESET North America's team) help we translated the document into English, so you can now read the whole thing and see why we believe that mobile malware, localized attacks and threats on modern platforms are the most important trends for next year.

The White Paper is already available: "Trends for 2012: Malware Goes Mobile" so just click, read, learn and enjoy.

Sebastian Bortnik
Awareness & Research Coordinator
ESET Latin America

Author , ESET

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