2012 Malware and Cybercrime Predictions: The video version

Exactly how people will abuse digital technology for their own ends is difficult to predict, but organizations must plan ahead to protect data and systems. That's why we have been posting our "best guess" cybersecurity predictions on the Threat Blog this month. Today we present 9 of the most important predictions in the form of a short video.

Author Stephen Cobb, ESET

  • Linda Leonhardt-Leyble

    Hi Steve – Brilliant video of what ESET predicts will likely happen in 2012.  Great to hear your voice again.Scary scenarios – but better that we are forewarned.  Thanks, Linda

    • Stephen Cobb

      Thanks Linda! Your conferences certainly did their fair share of valuable forewarning. Have a happy, and safe, 2012!

  • David Harley

    @feras, I’m afraid that even if I knew what your problem is (apart from the fact that it appears to be related to Win32/Remtasu, we can’t offer product support through the blog. You need to go through the support page at kb.eset.com/esetkb/ or your local distributor’s page.

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