October: Facebook Facepalm, Feeling Safe Online, and a Small Tsunami

ESET's Threat Report for October has just gone up on the ESET Threat Center page. Apart from information on the Top Ten Threats of the month, it also includes:

  • An article by ESET Ireland's Urban Schrott on how safe people feel online, based on a recent survey in Ireland
  • An article by David Harley wondering whether when one of our competitors inadvertently blocked access to Facebook as a malicious site, they were really so far off the mark, in the light of some recent disturbances in the Facebook Aura
  • A summary of the ESET presentations and http://go.eset.com/us/documentation/white-papers papers at the recent Virus Bulletin conference in Barcelona
  • A summary of ESET's discovery of a creaky backdoor for Linux recently recycled as an OS X Mach-O binary

If you missed the Threat Report for September, that is still available and includes some pretty interesting content:

  • ESET Research Fellow David Harley writes at some length about "Backup strategy for home users" including a pointer to Aryeh Goretsky's paper Options for backing up your computer
  • ESET's Security Evangelist Stephen Cobb introduces himself with some thoughts about "The Art of Security" including some data on how safe Americans feel online that dovetails nicely with Urban Schrott's October article, plus another article on recent health data breaches in the US
  • David Harley and Róbert Lipovský deliver some expert opinion on whether we're seeing the decline and fall of SSL and the trusted Certificate Authority model

We hope you find these materials helpful. If you have any comments or feedback, or have suggestions for other security issues you would like us to cover, please “Leave a Reply” and let us know.

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