Updates on OSX/Tsunami.A, a Mac OS X Trojan

Yesterday, ESET announced the discovery of a new threat against the Apple Mac OS X platform. Today, we have found a new version of the same threat. The new version is similar to the previous version with two important differences. The first addition to this threat is that it now implements persistence on an infected system. It also has updated command and control information.

OSX/Tsunami.A adds an entry to LaunchDaemons, named /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.logind.plist. This entry starts an executable, /usr/sbin/logind. The content of the LaunchDaemons entry is shown in the following screenshot.

The second difference identified in the new binary is a new command and control IRC server and IRC channel. At the time of writing, neither IRC servers are responding.

Although the samples we have received come from two different countries on two different continents, our telemetry data still indicates that there are very few hosts infected with this malware.

It is our belief that the people behind this threat are in the process of testing their creation. They are probably adapting the code, originally written for Linux, to the OS X platform. We are still unaware of any specific infection vector for this threat. It can be installed manually by an attacker or in an automated way.

This threat does not have the sophistication or complexity of TDL4 or Win32/Duqu, so we think the risk to Mac users is limited. We will continue to watch the situation closely.

MD5 hash of the analyzed binary: 3eb0744d73178a3e7bd070c862cd2c69

Pierre-Marc Bureau
Senior Malware Researcher

Author Pierre-Marc Bureau, ESET

  • Bob

    Will Little Snitch prevent these sorts of malware, or are they robust enough to create a rule in LS to allow themselves access to their desired destination??

  • Sean Sullivan

    Hello Pierre-Marc,
    If this bot is a port from Linux, why not assume the same infection vector as for Linux? PHP exploits.
    ISC Diary from 2005: "kaiten" bot in some of the recent php exploits

    • David Harley

      Hi, Sean. That’s a reasonable assumption, but it is an assumption. :)

  • Gene Norris

    I found & re'd the plist but didn't have the logind file.  Mac OS 10.7.2, Mac Pro.

  • Pierre-Marc Bureau

    Hi Sean,
    Since there are no clear indication in the code of OSX/Tsunami that this threat is installed by an exploit (PHP or other) and since we haven't found any dropper / installer for this threat so far, we can only make assumptions on the infection vector.
    Thanks for your comment and have a good evening.

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