Kids’ computer game malware – Scammers stoop to new lows

There’s a new batch of malware making the rounds, this time directed at spreading banking malware through childrens’ games. Though it’s hard to imagine, the scammers are taking advantage of the naivete of kids, who may not be as skilled at detecting scams as their more seasoned parents.

According to an article in Softpedia, the attacks are expected to spread in the near future. It seems a common vector is Flash based attacks embedded in games kids might download, installing malware behind the scenes amidst the colorful images and characters flashing across the screen while kids play. Kids might simply click through prompts asking to install the embedded malware without stopping to ask questions, a boon for the scammers. Add this to the fact that kids often spend large amounts of unsupervised time on the computer, and you have a recipe for nastiness.

There are various parental controls which may be employed on kids’ systems, and now might be a good time to start taking a look, (along with anti-malware products). Apparently there’s nothing sacred for these scammers, so parents must protect their kids to keep these kind of low-life away, and keep your family safe.

Author , ESET

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    That's just wrong… 

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    Nice article. I myself write for games on PC and find it very fulfilling. It’s also great to let go with a tank or tactical nuke once in a while.

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