ESET July Threat Report

There is some pretty interesting content in ESET's Threat Report for July:

  • Urban Schrott talks about ESET Ireland's recent research into the ways in which people can recklessly aid and abet malware in compromising their own systems, by ignoring or bypassing AV protection.
  • David Harley (oh, that would be me…) summarizes some of the recent research coming from colleagues in Russia, though it doesn't include a link to the paper on Win32/Hodprot which has just been published: Hodprot: Hot to Bot.
  • There's a chance to catch up on two excellent blogs by the increasingly prolific Cameron Camp, plus an interesting summary of the current malware scene in Latin and South America.
  • And, of course, the top ten detections recorded by ESET's ThreatSense.Net® telemetry.
  1.  INF/Autorun 6.51%
  2. Win32/Conficker 3.88%
  3. Win32/Sality 2.03%
  4. Win32/PSW.OnLineGames 1.67%
  5. HTML/Iframe.B.Gen 1.67%
  6. HTML/ScrInject.B 1.56%
  7. Win32/Dorkbot 1.47%
  8. Win32/Autoit 1.27%
  9. HTML/StartPage.NAE 1.08%
  10. VBS/StartPage.NDS 0.97%

While there aren't too many surprises in the top positions, it's a sign of the times that malicious web scripts continue to be so effective. It's also noticeable that INF/Autorun may be dead but it isn't lying down. (See the June report for some thoughts on why that is.)

The July report, along with the two previous month's reports, is available on the Threat Center page at

ESET Senior Research Fellow

Author David Harley, ESET

  • jim02

    I find it interesting that Conficker and Sality are still at the top of the list. Those two have been around for a while. It seems like old malware never dies. The fact that autorun is still in the top doesn't surprise me at all though. Judging by how many people still haven't patched their machines, especially public computers where usb devices are used all the time, autoruns will continue to be a viable method of speading viruses for years to come. 

  • Geoffrey Hernandez

    Nice POST . :)

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