An Apology

ESET wishes to apologize to Google and it’s CEO for a recent posting that failed to meet the high standards of professionalism our readers have come to expect from our blogs. In particular, ESET regrets any implication that there may have been deliberate unethical behavior on the parts of Google or it’s executives in relation to the Android automatic photo upload feature.

Unfortunately, the way in which the blog was written took an over-sensationalized line that may have led readers to conclude the problem was Google's intention, and not simply an unintended consequence of the license terms in question.  In no way do we believe Google actually intended the licensing to facilitate or support any unethical or immoral activity related to illegal content that might be uploaded by users.

Immediate action has been taken by removing the post, and we have taken corrective disciplinary action against the concerned employee.  In addition, we will revise our editorial process for our blogs to ensure no such incident occurs in the future.

Finally, as a gesture of good will, ESET is pledging $5000 to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (, a charity that helps find missing and abused children throughout the UnitedStates.

Andrew Lee
ESET North America

Author , ESET

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