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It occurs to me that I haven't recently posted any pointers to our content on SC Magazine's Cybercrime Corner, and now might be a good time to recap on what Randy and I have been posting there this month (so far…)

Babushka* dollars
David Harley, May 19, 2011
It's not surprising, given how much cybercrime originates in Eastern Europe, that some of the best counter-threat research also comes out of the region. This is a taster for an excellent presentation by some of my colleagues in Eastern Europe on cybercrime in Russia for the recent CARO workshop. The presentation itself is now on the ESET white papers page.

Masterminds and Mastercards
David Harley, May 19, 2011
Fortunately, not every criminal is a mastermind, but then most victims aren't Sherlock Holmes. The continued success of the 419 "industry" is just one indication of how little security awareness some victims have.

Magic Lantern: Shining a light on the AV numbers game?
David Harley, May 12, 2011
No anti-virus product worth its salt uses the "one malicious program, one signature" model today: a response to an issue that came up for discussion at the recent EICAR conference.  

CIPAV: Spy(ware) versus Spy(ware)
David Harley, May 05, 2011
Good viruses and trojans? Legal malware? Does (or should) AV detect the FBI's spyware?  

In the midst of Bin Laden death, there is malware
David Harley, May 02, 2011
From fake anti-virus to hoaxes, the internet can always serve up more unpleasantness around a dramatic news item, and the death of Osama Bin Laden was a classic example.. 

You don't have to hack to be tried as a hacker
Randy Abrams, May 02, 2011
There's a little cybercriminal in many of us!

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