Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?*


Here in the UK it's just turned 6pm on the 21st May, which apparently means I'll shortly be either invited to a rapturous celestial street party or subjected to various unpleasant experiences starting with a giant earthquake and ending with a front seat at a subterranean bonfire on or before 21st October. Though according to a Daily Telegraph report this morning, it seems that the Apocalypse has been unavoidable detained.

So until it arrives, we'd like to assure you that ESET will be maintaining normal service, doing its very best to protect your systems and to keep you advised of any upcoming threats (real rather than apocalyptic). Talking of which, we'll certainly continue to look out for the poisoned SEO (search engine optimization) that usually attaches itself to news-friendly (even sensational..) items like this, and the fake security software towards which it generally tries to lure its victims.

ESET Senior Research Fellow

PS: pleaxsee excuuuussse th pooor typinnng. Mussst bee a pppasssing trai [no carrier…..]

Author David Harley, ESET

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