AMTSO growing up?

It's been a busy few weeks. Last week I was in Krems, Austria for the EICAR conference. The week before, I was in Prague for the CARO workshop (where my colleagues Robert Lipovsky, Alexandr Matrosov and Dmitry Volkov did a great presentation on "Cybercrime in Russia: Trends and issues" – more information on that shortly), and the AMTSO workshop immediately before.

And the AMTSO meeting coincided nicely with a request for a "Security Zone" article from Computer Weekly on "Antivirus testing standards at a crossroads." Well, it so happens that (in my humble opinion) AMTSO members approved a document called "AMTSO Guidelines on Facilitating Testability” that may be the most significant AMTSO document for a good while, so I used the article to explain why.

Unfortunately, where I used the word symbiosis, someone thought I must have meant to say "symbios is" and amended my text accordingly. There are, in fact, a number of organizations called Symbios or something similar, but I wasn't referring to them. I certainly don't have any reason to consider them suspicious. :)

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