Will the Comcast “Constant Guard™ Security Service” work?

I received an email from Comcast (my ISP) announcing their “Constant Guard™ Security Service”. Basically, if Comcast thinks a customer is infected with a bot they will email the customer and offer to help clean up the computer. The Constant Guard service claims to do a lot more too, but Comcast is quite ambiguous about parts of it.

The email Comcast sent to their customers starts with

“Dear Valued Customer,

We know that protecting your identity and using the internet safely are both very important concerns for you.”

Later in the email it says

“Ensuring your online safety and security is our top priority”

Really? Their top priority? Then why does Comcast advise customers to set up Outlook in a manner that will transmit their username and password in plain text? This is especially problematic if the customer is using unsecured WI-FI. Why does Comcast not even warn customers of that danger in the instructions for setting up email clients to access Comcast email?

Comcast’s negligence of the most basic security and privacy issues does not bode well for their “Constant Guard TM Security Service”. Comcast actually gives security and identity protection very low priority.

One of the claims that Comcast makes of their Constant Guard™ Protection Suite is that it “Conceals what you type online to protect your personal information”. Unfortunately Comcast does not explain what data is protected or how it is protected. An email to Comcast asking for clarification of this was replied to with highly non-specific marketing hype.

Given Comcast’s history of willful neglect of basic security, I believe their Constant Guard Security Service is more marketing hype than security.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education
Cyber Threat Analysis Center
ESET North America

Author , ESET

  • Dave

    Thanks for the info!

  • Martin

    Thanks for the information.
    Question: Comcast is my ISP and I use Outlook 2010. You mentioned: "Then why does Comcast advise customers to set up Outlook in a manner that will transmit their username and password in plain text?" How should I address this issue to improve security?

  • Patrick

    My experience thus far with Constant Guard is that it causes more problems than most bots would in the short or long term. CG is definitely a bad deal and as with most Comcast implementations wrought with problems and expectations lost to the issues caused by their lack of meeting user expectations. They also feel that their users are of extremely low intelligence and will accept any bull they tell them. Wow are they ……

  • Randy Abrams

    Martin, in the account settings you will need to go to more settings and then the advanced tab. Change the POP3 server to 995 and check the box saying that it requires SSL. Then for SMTP use 587 and TSL for the encrypted connection.

  • Nancy Elliott

    How do I uninstall constant guard??????????????

    • Randy Abrams

      You will need to ask Comcast for removal instructions for their software. I haven’t installedit, but I think part of the “service” is not installed or opt out.

  • Ann

    Thanks for the information, I almost installed it.

  • Barbara Pilling

    I installed Constant Guard and have had nothing but problems. Tried to uninstall and could not do it.  Contacted Comcast who referred me to Constant Guard and they gave me an address to contact which does not address the problem at all.  How do I uninstall.

  • kdr22

    One of the claims that Comcast makes of their Constant Guard™ Protection Suite is that it “Conceals what you type online to protect your personal information”.

    That is because they include the GuardedID software as part of the Constant Guard package. See http://www.guardedid.com

    • Randy Abrams

      Too funny. The best spokesman they appear to be able to muster is an actor. I wonder what training he has had in computer security :)

  • Diane Roe

    The Constant Guard warning box has virtually taken our computers hostage here, and I have NOT installed the program! I've run Spybot and my antivirus, and there are no issues, but the box remains, making my computer nearly unusable… you can't minimize or close the box, and it's superimposed over the top half of my screen. Called Comcast, and got a classic runaround. First to Xfinity Signature Service Support, who told me "I can tell you how to get rid of the warning box, but not until you pay $4.95 a month for Signature Service." I have to admit, hearing this did not sit well, and I may have gone off on the guy a little bit, especially when he continued to tell me, "pay us more money and I'll tell you how to remove the box and alerts." After hanging up on him, I eventually got some short-lived relief from the fifth person I talked with, who had me do a hard restart. That cleared the box for about 30 minutes, and now it's ba-a-ck. It appears that Comcast is holding our systems hostage with this annoying marketing ploy, and I'm thinking that a call to the state Attorney General's office might be in order.

  • Bernard Moon

    Constant Guard is a scam and worse than some viruses I've had on my computer.  I already had McAfee and a warning kept popping up that I had a "bot" on my computer.  I ran a scan and nothing.  After several attempts, I decided to cave in to their recommended route of downloading Norton (how much per download do they get?).  I installed Norton and ran it.  Nothing. All clear.  So I contact them and asked them how to remove it.  They don't know.  I tweeted with "Comcast Bill" and he didn't know.  I contacted their customer service rep and after a while, they didn't know and then asked me to call their partner who operates Constant Guard.  It's customer service hell.

  • Bernard Moon

    Oh, I forgot to state that during the call, the service rep told me that I couldn't run two anti-virus programs and to remove the McAfee application… lol.  I said that I would remove the Norton application.  Anyway, I can't find the stupid application on my Mac after many searches.

  • Justine

    Thanks.  Was just about to install it after calling Comcast yesterday.  Have a funny feeling — wanted to make sure it would not put me back in microsoft.net hell.  The CS rep couldn't understand the questions and kept reminding me it was comcast.net, not microsoft.   It just didn't leave a warm/fuzzy feeling.
    Glad to find your post, I'll hold off.   Thanks again!

  • JACK

    10 days after installing Constant Guard, every alpha key when struck in Internet Explorer would produce a number.  E.g., 1st time I typed 'r' a zero was shown on screed, 2nd time "1' was shown, 3rd time "2" was shown  I tried to fix Internet Explorer for 2 days including changing key board & could not fix. I then deleted Constant Guard and Internet Explorer immediately worked correctly again. 
    Comcast told me I should delete Internet Exploer 9 & use Internet Explore 8 to avoid this problem, but I think I'll contine without Constant Guard, because everything now working good.

  • geo. hunter

    Have very same prob., not able to uninstall or cancel out "problem" box. How did you manage to uninstall C.G?
    Thanks,   Geo.

  • Alaskajack

    This note may help people trying to get rid of Windows Symantec/Norton products that refuse to 'uninstall' properly. 
     Look for "norton removal tool", which can be obtained directly from (Use their search box to find it, skip over the hype that tells you to upgrade your Norton stuff, and just download and use the removal tool.).  A Google search for "norton removal tool" will show you *many* places where it is available, but I would only get it from a very few known sites, preferably from Symantec, IMHO.  Don't fall for any "pay for" help links.  Symantec/Norton has had so many demands for a tool like this, and since their normal uninstall doesn't work well, they were apparently forced to create this free download many years ago. 
    Symantec has continued to update this removal software, which worked well for me when I used it, even though it did leave a bit of harmless junk in the registry.  (I have had very good success using ESET's NOD32 since purging my machine of the aforementioned products, but I'm not writing this to sway your decision about what software you should install.  Do some research and make the choice(s) that are best for you.)
    While you're at it, Google for "constant guard" to see what others are saying about it.  Since I haven't installed it, I can't help with getting rid of it.  
    Happy computing, and good luck regaining and maintaining control of your Windows machines.  
    Jack, retired computer programmer and consultant (not the same JACK who posted a comment earlier).

  • Cryous

    i had an extra machine lying around so i decided why not? i downloaded the software and then intentionally installed a bot i threw together, the code was a mess. it was pretty much the worst bot you could code…anyways the software is made to detect bots. It failed with the easiest bot you would find, not even encrypted. My bet is this is some ploy by comcast to tell who is torrenting, the CG software made my download speed for a torrent i use to test speed. 10 kilobytes was my max download, compared to a 15-20 mbps down i normally get
    just my 2 cents
    Also the post above mine is very well written, and provides good advice to follow 

    • David Harley

      Sadly, the quality of the code doesn’t necessarily make malware easier to detect. In fact, better code might be easier to detect because it’s likelier to resemble other malware. No offence, but we don’t really know from your description whether your bot even should have been detected: a bot isn’t malware by definition. It depends on what the program actually does.

  • Cryous

    what i ment by that was the bot was not encrypted, making the injection i did really easy to detect, avg got it, avast got it, NOD32 got it

  • Gary Buska

    I tried Constant Guard and founnd it was a resource hog. I have several programs that use a lot of CPU and graphics Like FSX FS2004 Steam and Trainz I never had any issues when I was using Norton But with CG I got stutters in every program I just mentioned frame rates slowed to below 15 FPS.
    Now mind you I have a Pentium 4 3.2 GHZ 4 megs RAM and a 256MB AGP video card. Granted this is not the best system in today market but it haas worked for me with no problems. I run FS2004 maxed out and obtain in the mid 20's Frame per second.
    I uninstalled it and went back to using Norton.

  • Stephen Watts

    Is Norton free with install of Constant Guard?And how do I download if I already installed Constant Guard.I talked on line with analyst but had no luck,now my user name and password are not working to enter Constant Guard!

    • David Harley

      Stephen, Randy no longer works for ESET and is probably not monitoring his old blogs. I’m not a Comcast customer and can’t really offer advice on the service. Sorry..

  • David Harley

    @Koi, I don’t really feel this is the best venue to discuss the relative merits of Constant Guard(TM), Norton and AVG. :)

  • patty

    why does my constant guard keep not not not working  please help

    • David Harley

      I’m afraid we can’t really offer one to one product support, especially for someone else’s product.

  • zekeman

    Let me assume that Comcast has detected a bot on my machine, I find it, and I remove it.  Would I then expect comcast to email me and tell me that they suspect that it's now gone? Or would I expect them to continue to send me emails about the bot (that I removed)? Or would I expect them to stop emailing me with the bot alert?
    If there are any comcast people here, I'd really appreciate an answer to this important issue.

    • David Harley

      I don’t suppose there are any Comcast people here, but you never know.

  • zekeman

    I called Comcast about the issue and they told me that I must call 888 565-4329, then press 1, then 1 again, and then 6. I did that and was on hold for about 30 minutes while they announced that a security expert would be with me shortly.  When their security expert answered the phone I asked him which ports the FTP Protocol will normally use and he didn’t even seem to know what I was talking about. No offense, but it was obviously a call center of sorts. By the way, I somehow have a feeling that truth and security should go hand-in-hand.
    He didn't bother to ask me if I'd scanned my computer with anti-virus software but I had hardly given him the chance to help or sell me anything yet. Perhaps someone else could do this sometime.
    I next asked him the question I stated in an earlier post about what happens if I removed the so called BOT. He answered and said that I would then stop receiving the email warning. I am guessing now that whenever their programs see certain IP activity that they flag an account to receive the email warning.
    He then said he was looking at a log and that he could see that I had this suspected activity on a specific date and it wasn't today. I found that interesting, because I would assume that a BOT would run whenever it could.
    Knowing the last date that he gave me, I remembered that I'd loaned my old wireless laptop PC to a neighbor. My next test will be to refrain from loaning it out to anyone, to see if I continue to get the email warnings or rather than depending on the warnings, the date of suspected activity that the call center gives me whenever I call them.  If that test proves out, and what my neighbor was doing is suggestive of a BOT, I would have to say that Comcast helped me identify a threat to my Network of computers.  However, it remains to be seen if what the neighbor was doing is suggestive of a BOT and it is hard to determine the details of that history.
    It’s an old laptop and I stupidly never considered the possibility that if it got infected that my entire network of computers could.  I also never considered the possibility that the BOT could be something that only comes alive when my neighbor gets a hold of the laptop. I welcome comment on this, and I’m even open to constructive sarcasm.
    I express my thanks to this forum for their support.

  • Kim Heasley

    I have been having  the same issues as most of you with the Constant Guard, I am going to share the information with all of you that I received from Constant Guard Tech support, hope it works for you.
    1. Copy and paste the following link in your browser –
    2. Select Run
    3. Yes if asked Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?
    4. Yes to the message “Constant Guard will close all browsers and remove all vestiges…Do you want to continue”
    5. Restart your computer

    Then follow these instructions to re-install Constant Guard:
    1. Go to
    2. Select Get It Now and then Install Now
    3. Select Download Now
    4. Select Save and then Run
    5. Select Yes when asked if you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer
    6. Select Agree, then Install
    7. Create your master PIN and re-enter
    8. Select and add the accounts you want protected by Constant Guard
    9. Restart computer to complete installation

    Best Regards,
    Constant Guard Protection Suite Support Team

    • David Harley

      Sorry. Wasn’t able to verify that particular phone number either. You can get in touch with the team by security.comcast.net/constantguard of course.

  • Kim

    Here is the link, sorry it didn't appear in the original post

    • David Harley

      Kim, that’s because URLs are stripped by default from comments. I’m afraid I’ve stripped this one again because it links to a binary that hasn’t been checked. It may be reinstated when it has been, but in principle we wouldn’t allow a link to an unchecked binary for obvious reasons. Sorry!

  • zekeman

    I received another email warning yesterday and I have been carefully avoiding suspect websites. I called comcast at the  888 565-4329, then pressed 1, then 1 again, and then 6. I spoke with a helpful gentleman. He said that we should consider the warnings as a heads-up service rather than a sure embedded bot. When you call them they have to ability to count the activity and the higher it is, the more possibilitly there is of an infection. A real high number would obviously mean that you have a hidden service calling out.  My count was very low from yesterday's warning and he mentioned that since the same IP address can be shared by many virtual servers, it is possible that the warning they are giving are not real. He also said that the warning could be generated from visiting an infected web site and that it does not necessarily mean you are infected.  I would like to warn everyone about letting your wireless connection go without a password or loaning your PC out since their illegal activity could show up under your account.
    Knowing how big the Identity theft business is, I'm almost willing to admit that I like getting the warning, however, I do believe that the information that I have provided in my posts should be included in their warnings.
    It also seems that I had a hard time getting the correct number to call and that the first time the wait was approximately 30 minutes.
    If you are an IT manager and looking for answers, I would venture to say that someone on your network may be visiting sites that may have been designated by Comcast as being possible distributors of malware. But as for other types of invections I couldn't say.

  • zekeman

    I don't understand why someone would want to install Constant Guard.

  • Craig

    I blithly installed Constant Gaurd from xfinity on my new i5 laptop since I mistakenly assumed the bugs have been worked out by now; I've left it alone since all my other machines have the old "free" norton suite.
    Bad idea. Took me just a few minutes this morning to disable the browser add on, which makes entering a comment on youtube while a vid was playing almost impossible due to a multisecond lag between characters; but I spent Thanksgiving yesterday at the family get together  fuming about having bought the lemon laptop sitting back home. The machine is a dream, Constant Gaurd (which xfinity tech support refused to talk about in chat "we do not provide free services") is a nightmare
    Ugg. Stay away from this piece of junk. Wish I would have done a quick google before installing it. Thank god I made a set of restore disks.

  • Bill

    This is FRICKING UNREAL!!!!  To reiterate what has been stated. They must have just launched this crap in the Atlanta market and they have essentially hijacked my Browser. Call it whatever the F–k you want to call it, but this crap is nothing less than a virus and and an attack on our computers. I MEAN SERIOUSLY COMCAST…, Do you think for one F–king minute, I will put up with you forcing me to go to  your F–king Web site to get rid of your F–king pop up an preventing me and my family from surfing. I run plenty of  Malware and Virus protection and I DON't HAVE A BOT…..

  • Bill

    This is seriously an issue. It's costing me time and money.., YES.. my time is money. Before I knew what was going on, I spent 1 hour troubleshooting my wifes computer, only to find the same problem on my laptop and our other 3 PC's in the house. As far as I'm concerned and as stated in an earlier post:
    "The Constant Guard warning box has virtually taken our computers hostage here, and I have NOT installed the program! I've run Spybot and my antivirus, and there are no issues, but the box remains, making my computer nearly unusable… you can't minimize or close the box, and it's superimposed over the top half of my screen. Called Comcast, and got a classic runaround. First to Xfinity Signature Service Support, who told me "I can tell you how to get rid of the warning box, but not until you pay $4.95 a month for Signature Service." I have to admit, hearing this did not sit well, and I may have gone off on the guy a little bit, especially when he continued to tell me, "pay us more money and I'll tell you how to remove the box and alerts." After hanging up on him, I eventually got some short-lived relief from the fifth person I talked with, who had me do a hard restart. That cleared the box for about 30 minutes, and now it's ba-a-ck. It appears that Comcast is holding our systems hostage with this annoying marketing ploy, and I'm thinking that a call to the state Attorney General's office might be in order"
    I simply can't believe this is happening. But I will put a stop to it. There is no way in H-LL, I will allow Comcast to force me to their Website, interfere with my Browser operations and make me continually go through this crap until I succumb to paying them for SOFTWARE TO STOP THEIR ALERT's! THIS IS THE BEHAVIOR OF CRIMINALS/HACKERS WHO CREATE VIRUS WARE. WE SHOULD NOT BE GETTING THIS FROM OUR CARRIER

  • Bill

    I'm calling Comcast management tomorrow. I will take them to court if necessary to get out of my contract, I will disconnect the service and go with another carrier. I did not subscribe to letting them hijack my computers  and force me to pay them to stop it. This is a criminal act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David Harley

      Bill, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having so many problems with Constant Guard, but as none of the current bloggers seem to be Comcast users, we can’t really comment usefully on the legality or usefulness of the service.

  • Bill

    Oh..yeah.. forgot to mention,  I already have Norton. It's current, it updates everyday.., It does not detect a "BOT", Malwarebytes does not detect anything.., CCleaner does not detect anything.., Spyhunter does not detect anything. NEED I GO ON?????????? This is really surreal!!!!!!  Somebody at Comcast needs to be fired for not only approving this BS, but implementing it. And we can't make the box go away without going to the website. This is counter intuitive as it's not what one is ever supposed to do. Soon, PC's will be massively infected because of Comcast blantant and unbelievable ignorance!!!!

  • Bob

    A telling question: 

  • Dak Kol

    A complaint was filed to the FCC did not reference spam specifically, but the “Constant Guard” email notifications and a banner that sits over any application on the web browser which prohibits function and proper use of a web browser and other network tools that are vital to my business.  This “infected” not only my business computer that “Comcast” deemed infected but every device that connected though my router on the Comcast network: iPad, Nook, ITouch.
    The “Constant Guard” “web notification” is initiated by a Comcast “security bot” which sniffs ports on users computer connections – this is a violation of privacy and breach of security of personal information in itself. 
    Comcast provides no “gadget” or “tool” or other method for users to close the alert or shut it down resulting in hours of lost time to connect and communicate with Comcast service agents while the computer(s) are rendered unproductive.
    Comcast engages in multiple violations of internet security and free commerce:
    – Comcast insistence to breach clients personal security by port-sniffing bots
    – Forcing users to purchase services by deliberately interfering with computer and network performance
    – Failure to notify clients of what potential threats Comcast “identified” through the illegal port-bots
    – Failure to inform clients of known tools, methods and procedures to resolve “suspect” threats and demanding subscription to paid services with no guarantee to resolve them
    – Preventing clients to have free choice of IT professional services and tools and engaging network experience inhibiting devices to force clients to engage Comcast services for assistance
    – Thousands of other customer complaints on the Comcast board document similar service issues (ref read the Comcast support forums which note Comcast frustrating the efforts of clients to resolve issues and point them towards the $129.95 “xfinity Signature Support” service as the only solution rather than allow consumers to seek assistance from a trusted IT professional)
    – Employing network intrusion and inhibiting devices without the foreknowledge and consent of paying service clients
    Comcast agents misrepresent the issues and deny Comcast network intrusion to lure clients to purchase services:
    – The “Constant Guard” security notices began in early Sept-2011 and continued through the end of the year.
    – Despite several calls to Comcast support, the support team refused to turn off the port-sniffing “security bot” with the exception of one instance which gave relief for approximately two weeks.
    – One Comcast agent was so rude, he yelled over the top of me as I attempted to get a word in all the while he denied that these were Comcast sourced issues
    – multiple Comcast agents denying that the “Constant Guard” security notices sourced from Comcast
    – multiple Comcast agents insisting that the “Constant Guard” security service site is not a Comcast site, but a phishing site seeking to take extract money and credit details
    – multiple Comcast agents denying that the “Constant Guard” browser interference tool exists (see screen shot attached)
    – one automated Comcast “Constant Guard” security notification was emailed minutes after my nephew plugged in the WII game console and the console performed a routine firmware upgrade (note that no game CD/DVD’s were in the device at the time)
    COMCAST refuse to remove the “Constant Guard” port-sniffing bot from your IP channel when devices connect – this is a violation of personal security
    COMCAST refuse to permanently shut down the “Constant Guard” web browser interference tool – this is a direct interference with personal productivity as well as a potential security threat

  • Rey Gonzalez

    Comasts Constant Guard Bot Warning Screen is nothing but a marketing tool period. If you don't go to their site that nagging screen keeps showing up. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, about 3 months ago and I'm still waiting. Comcast also claims one can not opt out of getting those BS infection messages.

  • Susan Rowald

    In the last week or so, the  Constant Guard/Comcast notice has begun popping up on my Mac and my husband's PC.  I was very reluctant to investigate, but finally in desparation did go to the site. There  I saw that I could get Norton for free to take care of the problem.  When I saw that I thought, "NO WAY!!!"  I tried Norton several years ago on my Mac and couldn't get it off fast enough!  No way am I going there again!  
    It is VERY annoying to have this pop up over and over again.  The only way I've been able to get out of it is to either get off of the internet completely, or go back to the Apple Home Page.  I am pretty sick of it, apparently that's a pretty common complaint.  
    I am glad I found this information.  I knew I  smelled a rat!

  • Keith Rowald

    Our issues with this mess are an ongoing battle with Comcast. The converter box for our internet died a couple of weeks ago. This problem started with the new box from Comcast. After we experienced their lousy "customer service," this is more of the same.
    Norton is junk, so I believe that we will probably tell Comcast to shove off in the VERY near future. Our contract is expired.  
    We do have options! Time to explore and exercise one, and it WILL NOT be Comcast!

  • Shell Bush

    I have seen no pop-ups from Constant Guard, but I have found two messages now in my spam box about CG. The first was poorly written; lots of mispellings and grammar errors which led me to believe it was simply some scam. The second one I just now saw, which prompted me to Google CG and I ended up here. The second one had improved spelling and such, but hovering over the link provided in the email revealed a very different address than the one stated in the link.
    Comcast or not, this is bullshit and those of you experiencing problems because of this really need to take serious action against these guys.
    I run Avast as my antivirus. I will never install another product from Norton OR McAfee nor do I install it on my customers PCs. Nor will I allow anyone such as Comcast make me do so.

  • Bryan Marshall

    I have been fighting with Comcast now for over 2 weeks and have spent endless hours on the phone with multiple associates. Been transferred all over the place and been told multiple different scenarios. Finally I was given the Xfinity Security Dept # and an associate some how went to my IP Address and turned the dammed pop-up off, I was told either my home PC was infected with a Bot or one of my 2 Laptops were infected that connect through my wireless router. After I explained McAfee shadowed my Home PC and, the Norton Assoc whom Comcast transferred me too ran a test I have no bots! The security Assoc then advised to scan both Laptops which I did or the pop-up may come back. 2 days later here we go again annoying pop-ups , these pop-ups ARE coming from Comcast and they are jamming this down the consumers throats , if they could turn it off temporarily Comcast can stop this madness permanently !! . 
    This to me is large corporate invasion of consumer privacy and has to be illegal in some fashion, I will be contacting Maryland Consumer of Affairs and the FCC, I have had the same E-mail address for ten years and it will be a hassle changing, Comcast is loosing a long tenured customer.

  • johnnad

    Constant Guard nothing more than a way for comcast to collect user activity information so they can provide Ad targeting (or smart Ads, behaviour targeting) to advertisers or advertiser (publishers) networks like Google.
     I bet you when u sign up of the service, you gave them the permission to collect your usage information.
    I went to job interview at the company and VP explained to me how they were going to do this (get around the privacy issues).

  • Vanity Killer

    I'm running Ubuntu and Windows 7 and am too inundated with the comcast pop-up of doom. Their "am I botted" page will tell me a specific date my mysterious dns changer was last detected, but the "dns changer eye chart" reccomended on their own forums says I'm clean.  AVG and Adaware find nothing. Surprisingy, I am getting more pop up action in Ubuntu than Windows.  I have also received the snail mail form of warning. We never bothered to set up the comcast mail so we don't receive the emails. 
    Unfortunately, my husband opened the account and we are locked into a contract. 15 more months to go and we are out. 
    A couple of months before all of this my husband's debit card info was lifted from who knows where… he's not quite as nerdy or net savvy as I am so there really is no telling… Hell, it could have been a camera phone at a restraunt job.
    The point is, this whole thing is a big pain in my wazoo. As for all the complaints about not being able to close it, that is true… but you can drag it out of view. Just click and drag it to the right and it will be out of the way. Not a perfect solution but it at least gives you your browser back, until you refresh. 
    It goes away for a few weeks then comes back.

  • Roselyn

    I'm having trouble with the annoying pop-ups too, and was told in response to an e-mail I sent to Comcast security:
    "The reason you are receiving the " Constant Guard" pop-up, is because it seems that one or more of your computers maybe affected with an virus. There's no way for you to opt-out of this service notice. These "Service Notices" are necessary to protect the security of all of our High-Speed Internet customers. Under the High-Speed Internet Acceptable Use Policy, you have the responsibility to secure any equipment that connects to the Internetvia our Service from external threats such as viruses, spam, bot nets, and other methods of intrusion. Comcast is sending this Service Notice to assist in that effort. As a result, this is similar to any other service notification we might send. In order for us to resolve this issue you will need to contact one our agents here at Comcast, so that we can resolve this issue for you and also do troubleshooting."
    I use Zone Alarm and am very happy with it, and also scan periodically with Malware bytes, which I am also pleased with, therefore I AM taking responsibility to secure my computer!!  Grrr! Has the Better Business Bureau been notified? I am going to send one more e-mail to Comcast security and if it doeasn't get resolved, will contact the Better Business Bureau and suggest that others do it too. The more complaints they receive, the more likely they will be to look into it.

  • Alex

    OK Mr. David Hurley, obviously you work for comcast, so why don't you offer up some assistance to those of us having so much trouble with this issue.
    Thank you kindly

    • David Harley

      @Alex: check your facts. My name is not Hurley. I don’t work for Comcast (I blog for ESET, for heaven’s sake: that might give you a clue about my source of income). I’m not even a customer of Comcast’s: I live in the UK. I certainly don’t know enough about the service to help Comcast customers, and Randy, who posted the original blog, no longer works for ESET.

  • Robert Gilbert

    As of today Constant Guard does not work. I removed it. I hope they will let me know when it is fixed, because they never let me know it was broken until I called.

  • Pedro A. Gonzalez, Jr.

    This Constant Guard froze my computer -maybe in conflict with Norton- and after chatting with a representative that hang up on me, make six calls to seventh different 'representatives' that keep transfering me to a disconected number (855) 805-3484, nothing happens.
    What a disaster from this company, not only in a product that is not guaranteed but also in Technical Support-Costumer Svc.!

  • Fred

    A new issue with Constant Guard. It is incompatible with Windows 8. If you install Windows 8 on a computer with Constant Guard installed, the function keys and numbers at the top of the keypad will not work. Constant Guard has to be uninstalled for the keypad to work.

  • Linda

    My question form the very beginning was this: How can a 4 digit Master PIN number protect ALL of my accounts? It seems to me that if a hacker comes along and hacks Constant Guard, then when they get my 4 digit PIN, all of my accounts are done for, too! I have worked hard tohave different passwords for all of my accounts and am concerned that they stay ‘different’–not ‘protected’ with one small 4 digit pw. And when I asked that same question to the Comcast people, they were astounded that I would have such an idea! I personally have had so much trouble with the entire company of Comcast, that I have very little faith in their ‘promises’, their ‘new’ products, and worse yet, their APOLOGIES that are constant and NEVER mean anything, since they NEVER fix the problem that is being reported or questioned!! I am so fed up that I am trying to find a new company, BUT they are the conglomerate in the area, and the only other ‘choice’ happens to be a company that is in worse shape than they are! I seem to be STUCK!

  • Carolyn Keene

    Interesting. I could not get McAfee off my computer

  • Finkin79 .

    Long running Comcast / Constant Guard scam. They’ve been doing it for years it seems. Just got one from them myself today.
    If you DL from the email link it installs a pop up that only Constant Guard can “fix”. Don’t click any links in these emails from Comcast, ever. Forward the email to your State Attorney General and the FCC.

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