Happiness is a Warm Smartphone*

My colleague Cameron Camp brought to my attention an article relating to a survey by Ericsson from which I learned that 35% of iPhone/Android users in the US interact with their smartphones before they get out of bed.

Well, I can see some logic to using your smartphone as an alarm clock, and I can see that you might, having stopped the thing from beeping at you, check in on Facebook. Though personally I'm more likely to check for urgent email, and even then I'd at least lift my head off the pillow. And given all the things a smartphone is capable of doing nowadays, I'm not surprised that participants in the survey listed all sorts of other apps they access as the morning wears on. Hold on, though.

This isn't Ericsson's first survey on people and their smartphones. A previous report describes how 

users of app-based phones integrate them into most aspects of life, describing the relationship as one of “love” rather than “like”.

So the first thing that all these people do in the morning is fondle "a personal object, generating strong emotions." Which, according to Randy Abrams, may be capable of running an app that makes an Android vibrate. I don't want to think about what that means, or whether incompatible phones might be grounds for divorce.

But in case you're wondering, my relationship with my Blackberry is strictly platonic.

ESET Senior Research Fellow

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happiness_Is_a_Warm_Gun

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